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RUSH: Have you seen the story in the Financial Times that the carbon offset program is nothing but a fraud? ‘Companies and individuals rushing to go green have been spending millions on ‘carbon credit’ projects that yield few if any environmental benefits. A Financial Times investigation has uncovered widespread failings in the new markets for greenhouse gases, suggesting some organizations are paying for emissions reductions that do not take place.’ It’s sort of like they’re out there collecting money for a new church that’s never going to get built, because global warming is a religion. I called yesterday for ‘the separation of earth and state,’ and we need to have it. (interruption) Well, we did. It is a religion.

Now, I was thinking, what is something comparable to this? You’ve got all these true believers — and they’re doing it because, like everybody in every other religion, they’re looking for immortality. They’re looking for long life, and, of course, in the global warming religion, it is the Earth that provides that and of course if we’re destroying the Earth, then we’re all going to die. (Crying.) So carbon offsets come along, gigantic fraud. I was thinking, in other religions if this kind of fraud took place, A, what would it be, and B, what would people say about it? I remembered something when I lived in Kansas City, and that would have been from 1975 to ’83. I don’t remember the specific year, but they had a religious TV station there, and it was right after I got cable. Cable was new then. It was exciting. So this had to be after ’80. I’m channel surfing around, I’m watching all this, and I didn’t have a rooftop antenna, so I didn’t watch things like Channel 50.

There was this guy on there, I don’t remember his name, and he was talking about Revelation and he was going on and on about the Last Days, and he was asking his audience if they had contributed to his program — and he set a globe on fire! This guy got a globe of the Earth and he poured something on it to make it burn. He lit it, and the globe starts burning as he’s reading from relevant passages from Revelations. I can just see seasoned citizens and the elderly watching this and going, ‘Oh, no!’ and just writing checks so fast, sending it in to this guy so that they would be saved because the End Times were coming. Well, this is exactly what this is. The carbon offsets are nothing more than that kind of trick or fraud to play on the emotions. It’s amazing the story came out. It’s only in the Financial Times. Drudge has it up. It’s linked there. But I don’t know if we’ll see this anywhere in the Drive-By Media. I have my doubts.


RUSH: Speaking of carbon footprints, I have the latest issue of the Limbaugh Letter. As the publisher, the owner, editor and all that. This is the May issue. I have my copy before you, and right there on page 13 we do a whole story on the fraudulent nature of these carbon offsets and these carbon footprints. We have a great interview with Bob Tyrrell, by the way, of the American Spectator about his latest book, ‘The Clinton Crackup.’ He has a really ingenious theory that the Hillary-Obama primary race really pits the sixties radicals, the baby boomer sixties radicals against younger people who are tired of that generation, the sixties baby boomers, and want to move on. If Hillary wins the nomination (80% she’s got it won), then it will be Hillary against the conservative sixties baby boomers as typified by whoever, Fred Thompson, McCain, Rudy, Mitt Romney, or what have you.

We have a picture of Bob. Bob sent his picture in that he wanted to be published here, drinking a three-olive martini. (Laughing.) The only thing missing is the cigar. So we’ll post this Financial Times story along with — well, it’s in the newsletter as well. We’ll post it at RushLimbaugh.com so you can read all of the details. Try this story. This is from the WallStreetJournal.com. It’s a blog story. ‘Scientists Try to Halt Global Warming by Controlling the Weather.’ I kid you not. ‘Frustrated with the limits of public policy to tackle global warming, some scientists say that the time has come to engineer a way to control the weather. The idea might seem appealing, says a science scholar, but it could have potentially harmful ramifications. Climate engineering has become a popular topic among…’ who are they kidding? Did you see that the Olympics are in Peking, Beijing, in 2008? They’ve looked at historical weather patterns and there’s a 50% chance of rain on the day they have the opening ceremonies and the day they have the closing ceremonies, so the Chinese say, ‘No problem. We’re going to cause rain two weeks before the Olympics. We’re going to do cloud seeding up there and we’re going to force downpours that will clear the air of all the smog and all the pollution and it will get rid of the rain before it happens naturally.’

Have you ever done this?

‘Well, no. We’ve been working on it for 30 years, but we’re close.’

Cloud seeding before the Olympics! Now these idiots think that they can control global warming by controlling the weather. We need to get Roy Spencer back on the phone down in Alabama, because his theory is that it’s precipitation that has more to do with the climate of the planet. Nobody is studying that because we don’t even know how much it rains total on any one day on the whole planet. We don’t have the ability to measure it. Now these people think that they can control the weather and affect global warming! Folks, do you understand the sheer audacity of this? It should leave you speechless. It can’t leave me speechless because then there would be no show, but it should leave you speechless. You might say, ‘They’re giving up, Rush. This is a good sign.’ No, no, no. They’re not giving up anything. It fits their template: Control, control, control, control, control.

The scientists working with the Earth are God. No one else is God-d.

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