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RUSH: We had a story earlier that ancient volcanoes may have caused a dramatic warming of the Earth’s atmosphere — fifty-five million years ago we’re talking about — that raised sea temperatures, killed off many marine species, resulting in a planetary emergency. Of course, a planetary emergency? To who? It was 55 million years ago! ‘The discovery shows the impact of the release of large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere may shed light on planetary changes wrought by more recent causes.’ The whole point here of this story, contrary to if you might hear this and think, ‘See, Rush? News is coming around. Volcanoes more powerful than anything we’ve ever been!’

No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not the point. They’re saying a volcano 55 million years ago, eruption put a bunch of carbon out there, and we’re doing it now ourselves without the volcano. We can destroy the planet ourselves. They’re trying to say that a whole bunch of carbon up there can bring about the death of species and create a planetary emergency.

There is a companion story here. This is from Vatican City. God wants believers to be green! ‘The message that God wants believers to be green is emerging from a Vatican conference on climate change in the latest sign of growing concern by religious groups around the world over the fate of the planet.’ See? I’m telling you, you combine the Book of Revelation and the thought of the end days, last days, End Times with global warming’s promise of that, and you’ve got a natural way to mix and make religious people turn into these environmentalist wackos. ‘Scientists, environment ministers and leaders of various religions from 20 countries sat down for two days to discuss the implications of global warming and development. The conference, organized by the Vatican’s Council for Justice and Peace, marked the most significant plunge to date by the Roman Catholic Church — the world’s largest Christian grouping — into one of the hottest contemporary topics. Elias Abramides, a Greek Orthodox member of the World Council of Churches (WCC), told the gathering climate change was a ‘deeply spiritual issue’ rooted in the scriptures.’

All right, my question, then: If that’s true, can it stop volcanoes? Will religion stop volcanoes? Mt. Pinatubo put more junk up there in the air when it blew some years ago than all of the automobile exhausts since the invention of the automobile.

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