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RUSH: This is Barack Obama. This is yesterday, the First AME Church, south Los Angeles, and — well, just listen. This is what he said.

OBAMA: Why is it that we can find the money in a second for a war that doesn’t make any sense, but we can’t find the money to take out the bullet of poverty in this country and stitch up our community so every child has a chance at a decent life?

RUSH: Come on, Barack, you’re going to have to do better than this. Libs before you came along and said we need to get rid of the NASA budget, we need to get rid of the defense budget, we need to spend more money on poverty, we need to spend more money on education, we need to spend more money on — whatever. And the amount that we spend on poverty, the amount that we spend on education, and the amount we spend on social programs would dwarf the defense budget. Who draws a check in the government? That’s right, half of this country now draws some kind of check from the federal government. But we’re not spending enough money.

The more I hear of Obama, the less I think he’s going to provide big trouble for the Clinton, Inc., machine. Maybe down the road, but he doesn’t have enough experience yet. I’m not saying he’s an intellectual lightweight, he just doesn’t have experience. This is all tired, worn-out stuff. We’ve been deflecting this since the seventies. They tried this with Reagan in the 1980s. This is old stuff. This it certainly isn’t new and unique and all these adjectives applied to Obama. But my only point is that if this is the best he’s got, anybody who thinks that the Clinton, Inc., gang in the war room down there in the bunker is going to be intimidated by this guy, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. They’re going to be content to let this guy rise to whatever heights, because it’ll allow Mrs. Bill Clinton to destroy him and show she can overcome obstacles and avows being the candidate of inevitability.

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