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RUSH: As you know we’re going to Detroit tomorrow. We’ll not be here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Who’s going to be here tomorrow? Roger Hedgecock will be here tomorrow. Gotta go to Detroit. As you know, ladies and gentlemen, we have a brand-new sponsor, General Motors. In fact, they brought by — totally unexpected, General Motors brought by — a car yesterday, and we’re going to have it for about a month, and we’re all going to drive it here, and it’s one of these crossover cars. It’s a combo SUV station wagon. It’s a V-6, and Snerdley won the lottery. He gets to drive it this week. He took it outta here last night and put it through its paces. He came back raving about it. I got a little demo in it before Snerdley drove off. It has a great navigation system. I guess it’s version system seven of OnStar, and so you can do anything you want with OnStar, but you can’t use the nav system when you’re driving. It’s a safety feature. You have to put it in park. So if you’re driving around out there and you’re lost and you don’t want to put it in park, you simply call the OnStar operator and say, ‘I needed to go to X such-and-such an address,’ and they download it to the car and it displays.

They don’t talk you through it. It downloads the directions to the car, displays on the dashboard display complete with audio, and turn by turn gets you to where you need to go. But it’s just a fabulous looking car. It’s black, with a black interior. Snerdley was stunned. You know, Snerdley is one of these people that is hard to believe and doesn’t believe a bunch of hype and he came in raving about it today. Anyway we’re going to meet with the GM people. We’re going to meet with Bob Lutz tomorrow who is in charge of future projects. Bob Lutz goes to the annual cigar dinner now and then, and I’m going to see some of the future cars that General Motors has planned. I’m going to do that, and then I’m going to go by and see our people at Quicken Loans, and then tomorrow night’s big, sold-out show. Probably if they had gotten a bigger place, they could have sold it out. There are 2500 people. They sold it out in 30 minutes about a month ago for our affiliate there WJR.


RUSH: I’m going to Detroit tomorrow for Rush to Excellence appearance tomorrow night. We’re going to stop in and see a couple of our clients, too, Quicken Loans and Bob Lutz at General Motors, and we didn’t know this. All of a sudden yesterday, as soon as the program ended — we have security cameras all over the place here, and I was expecting one of the suits, one of the executives from my syndication partner to show up. We had a little meeting yesterday afternoon, but guy shows up with an army. Just a caravan of vehicles shows up here. I’m going, ‘Oh, gee! What, am I being set up? I’m bringing a bunch of people I wasn’t told out?’ It turns that the suit had been down at a Radio Advertising Bureau meeting in Miami yesterday morning, and drove up here to Palm Beach for the post-show meeting, and he had hooked up with some Cadillac people, and they brought us a car. We have it for a month. We had a lottery. Snerdley gets it for the first week. He’s raving about it. It’s the SRX Crossover is what it is. It’s a combo station wagon and SUV. The thing is amazing. Snerdley got a couple calls about it. He didn’t tell me this ’til the top of the hour. He got a couple of calls from people wondering various details about it. You can see it at the Cadillac website, the SRX Crossover. The one they brought us is the V6. They sell a V8 as well, but brought us a V6 and it’s black with black interior, and I’m not just shucking and jiving here. He’s raving about this car. He says, ‘After we drive this for a month and give it back, I wonder what they’ll sell it for.’ He’s already making plans. (Laughing.). What did you say? (Laughing.) Put a sticker on it: ‘Rush drove me.’

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