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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, did you hear about this poor guy, the CEO of British Petroleum? ‘Lord John Browne, an aggressive but mannerly British magnate who transformed BP into one of the most successful global companies, resigned abruptly Tuesday after losing a court battle with a London tabloid over disclosure of his sexual relationship with a younger man. In one of the most humiliating come-downs in British business life, Browne acknowledged offering an ‘untruthful account’ to a court about the circumstances under which he had met the man, a former companion…. At the height of his powers, Browne had been knighted in 1998 and Prime Minister Tony Blair made him a life peer in 2001, a token of the close relationship between the company and the prime minister.’ Now, apparently this guy had a little tryst with another man and lied about it and it got reported and so forth. Folks, I’m going to tell you: I don’t think this can be true. I think enemies of Lord Brown have totally made this up. How in the world can this possibly be true? It couldn’t have happened! I mean, no one ever loses his job because of lying under oath in a civil case — especially about sex.

This is just about sex. It didn’t affect his job. It didn’t affect the way he performed his job at all. Whoever loses their job because of lying under oath in a civil case? I mean, certainly not for lying under oath about sex in civil litigation. Everybody lies under oath about sex! Everybody is supposed to lie. You gotta protect your family. You gotta protect your company. You gotta protect the country! ‘You have to lie,’ is what we were all told. So this can’t be true. There’s something up. By the way, I do have a question — and I mean this, because you know, I have compassion. I’m sitting here with lots of compassion, especially today, and I have a question for you gay rights groups out there. When are you guys going to start yelling BS at guys like Lord Brown and Jim McGreevey? They get caught putting boyfriends on the payroll, then they claim that this was their truth or their private life. In other words, being gay has somehow made them corrupt. These guys are all saying that being gay made them corrupt. It’s like McCain saying dollars make politicians corrupt. When are you gay activists going to rise up in righteous indignation at this slur? Every time this happens, being gay turns out to be some sort of a corrupting influence and becomes the excuse.

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