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RUSH: Lou Dobbs did a great little piece on CNN.com today. He pointed out that these illegal immigrant protesters that were out there yesterday chose May Day to do it. Now, there’s no such thing as May Day in the United States. Do you know what May 1st is officially in this country? Do you know what it is? It’s Law Day. It has a history. He writes about it. We’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. He gives all the history of the establishment of Law Day, and he says: ‘I don’t know of a single news organization, electronic or print that pointed out that May 1 is America’s Law Day.’ Law Day was ‘first established by President Eisenhower in 1958 and ultimately codified into law in 1961 at the beginning of John F. Kennedy’s administration. The purpose of Law Day is to give all Americans an opportunity to reflect on our legal heritage, and by statute, encourages ‘the cultivation of the respect for law that is so vital to the democratic way of life.”

So on Law Day in this country, the illegals chose to hold their ‘massive’ protests. So here you have the illegals, on our Law Day, and his point is, how ironic or what a slap in the face, except they don’t even know it was Law Day. Hardly anybody does. It’s May Day. Even the people of this country bought into this notion that it’s May Day. It’s a Soviet holiday, for crying out loud! It’s a communist holiday. Also, some dustups out there yesterday in Los Angeles. Last night, KNBC TV’s 11 p.m. news anchor, Paul Moyer, Colleen Williams, they talked with Telemundo’s Ana Garcia. Ana Garcia was in MacArthur Park for an [illegal] immigrant rights rally and Paul Moyer said, ‘Let me be clear. Before they moved in, you heard no warning?’

GARCIA: Once they were on top of the people of the crowd, I heard the helicopters with a big speaker saying, ‘Get out of the park.’ They were already shooting. It was horrible because we thought that we were safe, because we were working, and I didn’t know there are kind of riots like Lakers, for example, in Staples and somehow they always say, ‘Oh, there’s journalists.’ Here there was no journalists. We tried to do our job. Not only Telemundo crew, but all the other stations thought, ‘Okay, I’m safe. I have a camera on my shoulder.’ No way! Once they got to you, they hit you. They got your camera, throw it away, put you on the floor, and hit you more. It was horrible.

RUSH: Now, they thought that they would be insulated from any riot charges or whatever because they’re journalists. I saw the video of this. The LA riot cops, they’re not going to waste time with this. The next question was, ‘At Staples and other disturbances you’ve been at when they say, ‘Oh, there’s a journalist,’ what do — how do they treat you then?’

GARCIA: They ignore you.

MOYER: They ignore you?

GARCIA: Yes! They just walk by you and keep moving the crowd.

MOYER: And you thought they would do that this time?

GARCIA: We all thought we were going to keep working and documenting what it was happening.

RUSH: Yeah!

GARCIA: But then we became part of the story —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah!

GARCIA: — with a one thing. We don’t want to, but we became big part of the story. The whole set got, like, struck by — by the mob, by the people, by the officers. The tent fell off. The monitors, the cables, the ladies, the mothers were like tripping on the cables. It was horrible.

RUSH: It was horrible. It was very horrible out there. So there you have it. The police were supposed to ignore journalists and not damage their sets or their equipment at all — in a riot!

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