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RUSH: I talked about this on Wednesday, and the House voted on it Thursday. They passed this hate crimes bill that expands hate crimes now to include 25 different definitions of gender orientation, sexual orientation and so forth. This is not hate crimes legislation, it is thought crimes legislation. Now, the bill has to go to the Senate and the Senate has had to do with it whatever they’re going to do and they have to conference it. The White House is threatening to veto this legislation. What the bill will do is expand hate crime laws to include sexual orientation and gender based attacks. The White House is saying, ‘Yeah, this is already covered by state and local law.’ The supporters, ‘Well, no, no, no, no, it only applies to violent crime.’ This is thought crime legislation. It’s nothing more than that. But here’s the problem with it. You want to call it hate crimes, where does this end? Some of you might say, well, very few of you might say, ‘Well, look, if somebody really has a problem with gays, starts beating them up, yeah, just because of that.’ But you know the left is out there pushing a lot of hatred. There’s hatred for radio talk show hosts that’s being pushed out there.

As we’ve discussed and as the Virginia Tech killer made clear, a lot of hatred for the rich out there. Why don’t we include that? If the rich get beat up, if the rich have any crimes committed against them, let’s increase the penalties — where does this stop? Let’s start including chimpanzees. You don’t feed the chimp when you go to the zoo because you don’t like animals being treated like human beings — where does this nonsense stop? This is not about the law. This is not about crime, because all of these laws are covered, all these various crimes are already covered. This is thought control, folks. If there’s a new theme that I want you to understand that is taking place and being orchestrated by the left and the Drive-By Media, it is thought control. Along with the thought control, all other kinds of control, you are pausing before you decide to say something for fear of something. Everybody is acting defensive in their speech and in their actions, and this is all happening on purpose. It’s the opposite of freedom. It’s not free expression; it’s not free speech; it’s none of those things. They are not what’s sponsoring this. Chilling all of that is and frightening people and having them live in doubt and in fear over what might happen to them if they simply be who they are, if they’re simply honest.

I think this is something that you need to keep in mind, if you watch the news. If you’re one of these people that’s going to expose yourself to the Drive-By Media on a daily basis, the context in which you must place everything you see and everything you hear is that it is about controlling you. Same thing for the Democrat Party. It is about controlling your thoughts. It’s about creating false impressions and having you believe things that really are not true. It’s a great example to do this. The Democrats and the Drive-By Media, for the longest time, have been saying that the election in ’06 was about getting out of Iraq. The American people, the will of the American people was expressed in that election, we have to get out of Iraq. You hear this over and over and over again, and then they produce a poll that says, ‘Well, looky here, over 60% of the American people say we need to get out of Iraq,’ and if you’re just a sponge soaking it all up, not paying full attention and you’re not trying to keep in mind the context and the subtle hidden agendas that promote the reporting of this kind of thing, you get sucked in and you end up believing it. Even when the truth is shown to be otherwise, you still reject it.

How was the truth shown to be otherwise in this case? Well, the will of the American people, gotta get out of Iraq, that’s what the elections meant. Fine. Democrats propose legislation. De-fund — well, not de-fund, but put strings on the money and then call for a withdrawal date that starts in six or eight months, and then the legislation puts Congress in charge of when troops can fire, where they can go, where they can’t go, how they can be deployed and all of this. In order to get 218 votes, which is the minimum you need to pass legislation in the House, in order to get 218 votes they had to load it up with $24 billion of pork. Where’s the will of the people in that? Then when the president promised to veto it and did veto it, where was the will of the people when the House failed to override the veto? Bottom line, there is no such will of the people. Now, the people might be uncomfortable. A majority of people might wish it were going better, but I will guarantee you, a majority of the American people do not want to lose in Iraq. A majority of the American people do not want the American military nor our country humiliated. This is a time-honored tactic that they use.

I will never forget during the impeachment process and the whole period of time leading up to it, when the Lewinsky story broke and so forth, you go on MSNBC, CNN, whatever, and all these Democrat strategerists are saying, ‘The American people want, the American people think,’ how do they know? Who put them in charge of defining what the American people — they just say it. Of course the clowns that are hosting these shows on which these Democrat strategerists appear never challenge them because they think the same thing, because the arrogance and the condescension of the left is that they automatically assume everybody agrees with them except the freak kook conservatives, who are a very small minority, even though the audience that conservatives create for Fox News is twice that, in some cases three times that, than all of these liberal networking channels that are also on cable. The American people do not think anything that the Democrats are saying. They do not think, it’s not the will of the American people to get out of there within the context of defeat.

So here you have the hate crimes bill. These laws are already on the books, there are state laws, there are local laws. Now they’re adding 25 different definitions of gender and sexual orientation, 25 different definitions. This is aimed at conservatives, folks, make no mistake about it. It’s not anywhere in the legislation, but it’s based on the arrogant presumption that conservatives are racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes. They believe it. Nothing can talk them out of it. It’s the way they live their daily lives, and so they need this law to protect themselves, the good people, from the hatred that lurks in your heart. I’m telling you, when I listen to them speak, I don’t hear anything but hatred, and when I hear their supporters speak, I hear raging hatred. When I listen to Republicans, I don’t even hear much energy for anything these days, particularly elected Republicans – excluding the debate last night. But the idea that Republicans are running around harboring or conservatives running around harboring all kinds of hate is disturbed.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. We love people. We love our country. We want the country we love to be great, to be the best it can be. We want it to maintain the greatness that we inherited when we were born in this country, and we conservatives know that for this country to remain the greatest collection of human beings in a free society in the history of human civilization, that we need great people, we need free people, we need people motivated and inspired to be the best they can be, to do that which their passion and desire leads them to. We don’t look at people and say, ‘Ah, they can’t do it.’ What, are you kidding? We don’t look at people with contempt. We don’t look at average people and say, ‘They can’t do it without my help.’ Liberals do. Liberals look at people, and they have this contempt. All of the hatred and all of the bigotry, most of it that I see in this society, happens to come from people on the left. It’s like an alternative universe. We want people to be self-sufficient, we want them to realize their potential, we want them to be able to share values with their families, children and grandchildren so that the whole thing is perpetuated. The left only wants to perpetuate their power over people in addition to control over people.

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