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RUSH: Annie in Sarasota, Florida, nice to have you on the EIB Network. I got about a minute and a half here, so —

RUSH: Rush, just want to let you know, my husband’s been listening to you since the first day you were on in Tampa on FLA in the early nineties. And I couldn’t stand you. He made me listen and I couldn’t stand your high-pitched voice, you drove me crazy, but I love you now, too.

RUSH: High-pitched voice, what are you talking about? High-pitched voice?

CALLER: There it is! There it is, baby. In fact, my mom, a die-hard 80-year-old Democrat in Massachusetts, he makes her listen, and she loves you now.

RUSH: Well, what turned you around?

CALLER: Well, what turned me around was your logic and your truth, and she says the same thing, too. The thing is, two weeks ago my mom was listening to you, and you were advocating left-handed people. You’re going to make your mug a lefty mug, make it so we can read it when we hold it.

RUSH: No. No.

CALLER: And I just want to thank you.

RUSH: No, no, no, no. You misunderstood.

CALLER: She misunderstood.

RUSH: It was manufactured that way incorrectly.

CALLER: Oh, wow.

RUSH: So we’re just going to reverse it because most people are right-handed. You know, the left-handed women have a tendency to die early.

CALLER: No, you know what I have written a book on that and I even mailed it to you in thanks for your advocacy, but no, it’s not true. That was a false study, and my book actually proves it wrong, and there’s been studies that show —

RUSH: Well, good.

CALLER: — we do not die younger.

RUSH: It was absurd. Why put that story out? That was just part of the tumult, chaos, and the fear and panic that the media is focused on. Thanks very much out there.

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