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RUSH: All right. You people at KOVR, Channel 13 in Sacramento, you had better take that video down off your website or you are going to be in serious trouble. That video was produced by somebody on the Internet. We do not do videos here. We do not put pictures with our songs. There is a video that’s running, it’s out there on YouTube, purportedly produced by us here at the EIB Network with racial characterizations and caricatures of these people. It’s not ours, we didn’t do it, and you’re making it look like it’s ours on your website, KOVR, and I demand you take it down now.


RUSH: Now, KOVR Channel 13, CBS affiliate, it’s bad enough. It should have been embarrassing enough for you people to have your morning crew go on the air today totally uninformed and ignorant and moronic about ‘Barack the Magic Negro.’ But you have just posted a video on your website that is not mine. A bunch of liberals put that video together somewhere in the blogosphere to accompany the song to affect people just like you, to pass it off as mine, a bunch of liberals put that video together, and it’s being passed around the Internet as though we did it here. We don’t do videos, Channel 13, or anybody else in the Drive-By Media. This is a radio program. We do not produce videos, even for our own website. Only of me here on the Dittocam. And that’s it. I strongly suggest you take this down. The reason they put it up is because they’re losing in their poll over whether or not the song is racist, 96-4 so they put this clip up from their morning show. They actually played this video on their morning show today.

Now, I’m not surprised, this is the CBS affiliate, and that’s the network of forged National Guard documents and they were trying to get rid of George W. Bush. But I’m warning you people at Channel 13 in Sacramento, and I love that town, it’s my adopted hometown, but this that you have posted is not mine and you are passing it off as mine. We didn’t produce it, we don’t do videos. You better find out who did it and credit them rather than be a bunch of sheep and just assume that it’s on the Internet from somebody that you think is legitimate because of whatever preconceived notions you have of me. You think something like that would be something I would do. I have to say a few things here. We’re running our own poll, by the way, at RushLimbaugh.com. Forgive me. I want to mention this. ‘Are Chris Burrous, Lisa Gonzales, and Jeff James of KOVR Sacramento morons who are threatening racial harmony?’ Vote now at RushLimbaugh.com. I wonder if Drive-By Media outlets, including KOVR Channel 13 Sacramento, had any problem when Harry Reid said that Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, who is black, was an embarrassment. He said Thomas’ opinions were poorly written, but Harry Reid could not point to a single opinion to back up his racist attack on Clarence Thomas.

In fact, real students of the Supreme Court have concluded that Clarence Thomas is one of the smartest on the court, and one of the most influential behind the scenes. They said nothing about it at Channel 13, I’ll guarantee you when Harry Reid brought this up, because they’re morons and they didn’t even realize it. They may not even know who Clarence Thomas is. Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer still has not answered for his staff targeting the only black running for the Senate as a Republican, Michael Steele. Bill Clinton still hasn’t answered for pulling peacekeeping support from Rwanda, when 800,000 people were being massacred. He didn’t have a problem peacekeeping elsewhere, but he gets a complete pass. J. William Fulbright was not my mentor, he was Bill Clinton’s. He’s a noted segregationist from southern Arkansas. Al Gore, Sr., another noted segregationist, was not my father. He is Al Gore, Jr.’s father. We have Mrs. Bill Clinton and her supposed joke about the gas station and Joe Biden about how if you’re going to in a Dunkin’ Donuts in Delaware you better figure out how to speak with an Indian dialect because that’s all that work there anymore. Of course the Reverend Sharpton and Jackson have a career full of anti-Semitic comments, and they weren’t kidding when they made ’em, and they get a pass.

Liberals, Democrats, leftists, get a pass on racism all the time, and yet conservatives like me and you are targeted with it simply because it’s a stereotype and a cliché when it is actually just the other way around. By the way, one other thing for you clowns at KOVR 13, ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ was on the air before Don Imus. This is not the post-Imus era. This song aired long before that. I bet you didn’t know it. I’m sure you didn’t know it. You probably didn’t hear about this until you saw that corrupt, untrue, misleading video that is running around the Internet.


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