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RUSH: We’ll just wait. We’ll just wait and find out how long it takes for the Democrats to figure out their tack on this. It ought to be pretty quickly because it’s the natural reaction they have to this, talking about the Fort Dix Six. Dave in Detroit, you’re next. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Hello.

CALLER: Rush, I guess my question would be, I can’t calculate how the trillion dollars we’re French frying in Iraq is really keeping us safe over here. I don’t think there are any Iraqis terrorist attacks, and to my way of thinking, for fractions of what we’re spending there, we should be able to keep these borders safe and do more to stop homegrown terrorist attacks.

RUSH: If I heard you correctly, I have to admit to being stunned, because your question contains an either/or, and you throw in this gratuitous business that the Fort Dix Six had nothing to do with Iraq. In the first place, they do. It’s all connected: 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, terrorist attacks in the Philippines, prior attacks before 9/11, all of this stuff is connected. There is an ideology out there, militant Islam: a bunch of jihadists, who want to wipe us out. They hate us. I don’t know how much money it took, by the way, for a video store clerk to spot some suspicious jihadists who came in. How bright are these guys to go get a DVD duplicated that shows how to fire all these weapons for jihad? All we needed was an alert citizen. It’s sort of like the millennium attack. We had an alert Customs official that thwarted an attack by militant Islamists in 2000, before 9/11. It was planned for LAX, Los Angeles International Airport. There are other examples of this. In fact, I’ll never forget John Ashcroft. After 9/11, he was then the attorney general, and Ashcroft put out a notice to the American people, ‘Be vigilant. Be on the lookout.’ The libs all pooh-poohed it and laughed at it, and then, ‘Oh, you just want the American people to run around fingering their neighbors and the government is supposed to protect us! The American citizens are not supposed to protect each other! They’re the ones that need it.’

Here you had an alert clerk. I get these questions. You guys have got Iraq on the brain. It is poisoning your brain. It’s eating your brain cells away. You’re otherwise intelligent people, for the most part. But this, ‘I don’t know what these guys had to do with Iraq.’ The next thing we’re going to hear is the fact that our being in Iraq caused this. That would be typical for the Democrats to say. This is ultimately Bush’s fault. ‘That’s why they hate us.’ (Big sigh.) We have a great story here. We have an absolutely pretty good story: an average, ordinary American did his job, did his duty. He wasn’t intimidated; he wasn’t afraid, and I need to make this point again. The flying imam lawsuit up there in Minnesota was about stopping exactly this kind of thing, about stopping good Samaritans from doing their jobs. They wanted to shut down people on airplanes from reporting suspicious behavior on those airplanes. This is classic. This is not a money thing. This didn’t take any money at all. I agree with you about border control, but you’re acting like I’m somehow for open borders, when I’m not. In fact, speaking of that, go all the way back to the top of the audio sound bites. Jeff Sessions yesterday on the floor of the Senate — he’s a Senator from Alabama — was talking about Dingy Harry’s plan to resubmit last year’s immigration bill. They’re trying to get something done here by the August recess, and Sessions is worried they’re trying to ram this thing through before anybody knows what’s in it. This is what he said.

SESSIONS: When you do that there won’t be time for the American people or Rush Limbaugh to find out what’s in it and tell the American people what’s in it so they can get mad about it. That’s basically what it’s about. They want to slide it through with the least possible time to discuss it, and I think that’s irresponsible. It’s wrong.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what, I am honored. On the floor of the Senate, Senator Sessions says, ‘There won’t be time for the American people or for Rush Limbaugh…’ and, by the way, I think he said this purposely because that’s one of the Democrats’ purposes is to keep people like me from finding out about it and alerting you and everybody else to what’s in it. He knows this. So to call here and rip into me as an open borders guy and start talking about money, is sadly irrelevant. It misses the point. Susan in Columbia, Maryland, hello, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Oh, hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to tell you that I think the media is missing the point, as is your previous caller. Fort Dix is used as a mobilization station for soldiers going to Iraq.

RUSH: Right, right, right, right.

CALLER: I know that because brother-in-law and my nephew are going.

RUSH: I forgot to mention that. You are absolutely right about that, and these are not just random targets because they were in the neighborhood where these guys live.

CALLER: Right. My brother-in-law and my nephew are getting ready to go there in the next few weeks because they’re going to be going to Iraq.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: So I think that’s the media missing the point now.

RUSH: They’re purposefully missing the point. I’m glad you mentioned this so our previous caller can understand, too, that there’s a reason for this. It all relates. The idea that this has nothing to do with Iraq is absurd on its face. But hey, when you read a poll, a Rasmussen poll, that says 35% of Democrats think that Bush knew about 9/11, do you realize how that threatens the safety of this country, folks? Do you realize what it means about the degree to which a significant portion of our population is, my gosh, not just ignorant, but dangerously uninformed, misinformed, ill-informed or what have you! ‘Well, it’s got nothing to do with Iraq (muttering). Open borders! (muttering) Iraq.’ Well, as Susan points out here, it has a lot to do with Iraq and I’m glad she made the point. Thank you so much. Joe in McComb, Georgia. Hey, Joe, are those fires up there anywhere near you?

CALLER: No, they’re nowhere near me, Rush.

RUSH: Well, guess what? They may not be bothering you, but they’re stinking us up down there where we are.

CALLER: (Laughing.)

RUSH: We got our own fires down here. They’ve closed a portion of Alligator Alley which connects basically Ft. Lauderdale to Naples. During the break I went and looked out the window and there’s a school and a playground right across the street from the EIB Building here and all these kids are out there playing lacrosse; they’re playing soccer; they’re doing a number of other things. You look at the sky, and it looks like it’s going to rain, looks overcast. I looked at Snerdley and I said, ‘There are no clouds out there. That is smoke.’

‘Oh, no, no!’

So then CNN happens to be doing a story here on global warming and Tropical Storm Andrea Mitchell, and puts up a little map of where the tropical storm is, and there are no clouds here. It is total, total smoke up there.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m not surprised. I know that when I was down in Florida a couple weeks ago, (unintelligible) when the fires first broke out in that area of Georgia, it was pretty thick smoke.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: So it definitely will pick it up. But I’m calling about this Fort Dix thing, too, and the Drive-By Media. What angered me is them saying, you know, these are ‘homegrown’ terrorists. No, they’re foreign nationals. They’re foreigners. They’re here illegally. They called them ‘homegrown terrorists.’

RUSH: True. One of them is a genuine American citizen. Somebody had to issue a fatwa. I want to know who that is.

CALLER: Yeah, that would be nice, too. (Laughing.)

RUSH: (Laughing.) Look, you have to understand, the Drive-Bys don’t want to even report this story, so when they report it, their template is, ‘Ah, it’s random! Ah, not connected to Al-Qaeda! Ah, they’re just a bunch of copycats. There’s nothing really to worry about here.’ Look, whether they’re homegrown or not, they were here.

CALLER: Yes. Exactly. And they were planning to kill us.

RUSH: Exactly. Which is not news.

CALLER: No. No. It is not news. They’ve been trying to do that for the last 30 years.

RUSH: And they’ve been promising to do it. It shouldn’t actually surprise anybody. It ought to be a wake-up call, but it won’t be a big wake-up call because of two things. A, we stopped it from happening, and B, I’m sure you people think I was joking when I went through my little riff here on what I expect Democrats to do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that happens. They’ll stand up demanding to know who the clerk is, claim he’s part of this illegal spy ring that Bush has put together violating citizens’ rights. Are these suspects’ civil rights going to be protected? Are they going to be given lawyers? Are they going to be sent down to Gitmo and tortured?

Democrats, let’s hear from you! We know who you are. It’s time to stand up.


RUSH: Let’s read this together. Am I going to like this? ‘The sounds of Islamic calls to prayer echo across Fort Dix, temporary host to thousands of ethnic Albanians who fled war ravaged Kosovo. So far, 500 Kosovars have been relocated…’ Wait a second. Does that mean Clinton brought these people here after we saved ’em? Does that mean that Bill Clinton, the Clinton administration brought these people here? Is that what this means? It must be true, folks, because ‘this…is CNN.’ Well, we have a caller who wants to talk about this in just a second. By the way, something else Democrats need to say: ‘This rash action against the Fort Dix Six and taking the word of an unidentified store clerk, is just going to create more terrorists. It’s just going to create anger out there in the peace-loving Muslim community! Going after these people is just going to make more terrorists out there. Democrats, we know who you are! It’s time to stand up. All right, Al in Moorestown, New Jersey wants to talk about this story on CNN. Go ahead, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just wanted to see if anyone had done a little research into the background. It just seemed coincidental that ethnic Albanians made up this particular terror cell who happened to be hitting Fort Dix, were planning to, and yet in the late nineties, it was pretty controversial, but some of these refugees were actually housed in Fort Dix.

RUSH: Yeah, well, we’ve looked it up for you in advance of your call. This is a CNN story from June 6th of 1999. That’s almost eight years ago. Now, June 6 of 1999, do you know who was president? Just to get this established.

CALLER: Yes, I remember.

RUSH: Give me the name.

CALLER: The name was Bill Clinton.

RUSH: Bill Clinton was the president in 1999. Here’s the story. This is by Deborah Feyerick of CNN. ‘The sounds of Islamic calls to prayer echo across Fort Dix, temporary host to thousands of ethnic Albanians who fled war-ravaged Kosovo. But the U.S. Army base will soon play final taps for the refugee resettlement program that should end this month. ‘I feel like I’m in a paradise,’ one Kosovar explained, as she described the base that has been a haven for about 4,000 refugees. … So far, 500 Kosovars have been relocated; about 100 are scheduled to leave daily. All the refugees should know by mid-June where they will be going, officials said. … ‘We have a lot of work to here to move refugees out to various communities,’ said Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala. … The United States has pledged to take in 20,000 Kosovo refugees through the summer. The others will go directly to sponsoring agencies or to live with relatives. … Officially given refugee status, they can receive green cards…’ Hey, two of them had green cards! Oh, what a great country we are. So two of the Fort Dix Six had green cards. ‘Officially given refugee status, they can receive green cards to work in the United States, and apply for citizenship in one year. ‘They’ll be able to stay in the U.S. and become citizens if they want to. If they wish to go home, we will pay their way home,’ Shalala said.’ So, Al, brilliant thinking out there, buddy.

CALLER: Might be coincidental, but —

RUSH: Al, there are no coincidences with the Clintons. Just trust me on this. There are no coincidences with the Clintons. So 20,000 of them were brought in after the Kosovo war.


RUSH: So, yeah, it is an interesting plot thickener to say the least. I’d forgotten that. I’m not sure if I even knew it, but he reminded us. We did the old Internet search, and we found that story here on CNN. All right, now, does anybody else want to talk about this? Rob in Dutton, Alabama, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, I can’t believe I’m on the phone with you.

RUSH: Well, here you are. It’s your big show biz break.

CALLER: Excellent. I just wanted to make a point that the media doesn’t care about this terrorist activity because their target was the military. If they were civilians, then they’d be making a big deal out of it.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know that they would even do that. I think that the Drive-Bys and Democrats are so politicized now, that they’re not going to be report anything within a template or a story line, action line, that would benefit the Bush administration of what he has been saying about the worldwide threat that we face. I get your point. ‘Oh, so what? These guys attacking Fort Dix? We liberals don’t like the military anyway.’ It may be an explanation why they’re not interested, but I really think the reason why they’re trying to downplay this and to recast it as just a bunch of rag tags is they can’t afford, folks, for Bush to be right about anything. Particularly this US foreign policy. These people own defeat. We cannot win. We cannot! Bush cannot be proven right about this. So they’ve been working feverishly over there in the Drive-By Media to come up with their template, which is, ‘They’re not connected to bin Laden. They’re just six people, maybe watching videos. It’s no big deal! We gotta deal with this kind of thing. There is no war on terror. What are you people getting panicked over nothing?’

That’s their standard line.


RUSH: John in Longview, Texas, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (Garbled audio.)

RUSH: (Rush making statistic sounds.)

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Hello. John, are you there? This is Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

CALLER: Oh, my gosh!

RUSH: Yes!

CALLER: Glad to talk to you.

RUSH: Nice to talk to you. Is your name John?

CALLER: Yes, it is.

RUSH: Great.

CALLER: I would just like to first of all say thanks to my dad John, Sr., in Overton, Texas, for turning me on to the Rush Limbaugh program.

RUSH: Obviously a great man.

CALLER: Obviously. Obviously. Rush, I just wanted to let you know that since the Fort Dix attackers — or attempted attackers — weren’t getting any help from outside the United States, there’s really no reason that we should have phone taps on this illegal wiretapping going on.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. You’re talking about the NSA spy program. We don’t need the phone taps because Bush has infiltrated Kinko’s and video stores with spies.

CALLER: Precisely. So we won’t need those any longer, and the liberals are right: those were just illegal and unnecessary.

RUSH: Yeah, just to spy on innocent Americans.

CALLER: Absolutely. Thanks for what you do every day.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thanks much.

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