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RUSH: Let’s go back even prior to June the 6th of 1999. Again, on CNN, June 6, 1999 story, ‘Fort Dix speeds up relocation of Kosovo refugees.’ Let’s go back to May 18th of 1999, just a little short of a month prior. ‘First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton announced Tuesday an additional $15 million in US relief to the displaced people of Kosovo. The money will help non-government and United Nations groups care for refugees in the border regions of Macedonia and Albania and will also help pay to resettle as many as 20,000 ethnic Albanians who may choose to live with friends and relatives in the United States.’ (Laughing.) Golly, folks, it’s worse than I thought. The Clinton administration may have brought these people here! We don’t know if five of the six were in part of this group, but oh, man! The first lady announced this?

‘The first lady spoke at a briefing she held to describe her recent trip to a camp in Macedonia. She said the refugees, mostly women and children, described the slaughter of adult men as armed Serbs pushed Kosovars from their homes. ‘These heartbreaking stories of families separated, of girls raped, of men executed, of homes destroyed, must be told and retold and never forgotten,’ Mrs. Clinton said. The first lady said nothing makes the case more powerfully for why the United States and our NATO allies are pursuing their mission in Kosovo, why we cannot give up until the evils perpetrated by Milosevic and his regime have been stopped and the refugees return home in peace and safety.’ Mrs. Clinton also announced, May 18th, 1999, ‘Mrs. Clinton also announced the establishment of an Internet-based information resource…’ folks, you will not believe this. ‘Mrs. Clinton also announced the establishment of an Internet-based information resource to help the Kosovo refugees find their loved ones. The computer system will be based at Fort Dix, New Jersey, the military base now serving as a processing center for Kosovars coming to the United States. The website will feature a people locator, as well as news and information in Albanian. It will include links with similar computer resources in Macedonia, Albania, and elsewhere in Europe.’

My God, folks, could it be that the Clinton administration set up the communications network for this? Brought them to our shores, set up the communications network? Just asking. The story doesn’t say this. These stories are almost eight years old, folks, but may I read this to you again? Just this one passage: ‘Mrs. Clinton also announced the establishment of an Internet-based information resource to help the Kosovo refugees find loved ones. The computer system will be based at Fort Dix, New Jersey, military base now serving as a processing center for Kosovars coming to the United States.’ That is Fort Dix, New Jersey. These are very serious questions, and could be serious charges that flow from these questions — very, very serious, ladies and gentlemen. We are concerned here. This is upsetting. Well, I don’t know about an investigation. It will come at some point perhaps but, yeah, we’re investigating gas prices right now. We don’t have time to investigate this. We’re investigating Big Oil. After that, we’re going to investigate Wal-Mart. We’re not through investigating Enron, by the way. But very unsettling. I read these two CNN stories, my friends, and I must admit you may be able to hear it in my voice. I am concerned. This is deeply troubling to read that the Clinton administration may have actually imported these people and set up computer Internet networks for them to stay in contact with one another. Deeply troubling. Important questions. Need answers.


RUSH: Dave in Miami, it’s nice to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s nice to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Going back to the Fort Dix story, if we can, I remember an incident not too long ago where there was a shooting at a mall by a young man that I believe was of Albanian decent. I was wondering if anyone has tied the dots with —

RUSH: Where did that happen?

CALLER: I don’t recall the mall, but I do recall part of the story, that he was a young man that had come to the US after the war in Yugoslavia. He had grown up here in the states, and —

RUSH: Oh, wait. Wait, wait. That was — da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da, Salt Lake City.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s correct.

RUSH: That’s right, the Salt Lake City mall shooting spree.

CALLER: Right. I was just wondering if anyone has tied the dots with what happened in New Jersey as far as the Albanians, since he might be part of that same group that came over after the war.

RUSH: Well, it’s interesting that you ask. I have a story here from a website that is called ADNKI.com. It’s Adnkronos — I guess how I’m pronouncing it here — Adnkronos International. I’m not sure where this website is, what country it’s in. But this story quotes a Balkan terrorism expert named Darko Trifunovic. I’m going to get to this after the break because you people have to hear this. It’s dated today, and we’ll link to this at RushLimbaugh.com as well. But it’s interesting you should call about this, right as the story is made available to me, because not only does this story say there’s a connection to the Salt Lake City thing and what happened at Fort Dix or what was planned for Fort Dix, but it’s even more intertwined and complicated than that. So sit tight out there, David, and all the rest of you. You really need to hear what’s coming next, right after this on the EIB Network.


RUSH: All right, folks, now, a lot to discuss here because we’re doing research and show prep at the time we are performing the show. It doesn’t happen anywhere else in modern media. They go in with their scripted hour or two and then execute it, and then anything that happens while they’re on the air doesn’t make it. But here, you have to hear this. This is from the ADNKI.com website. I’m not sure where this is from, because I haven’t had time to source it. It’s international. But it’s a story out of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. So I’m assuming it’s there.

‘The arrest of four ethnic Albanians, a Jordanian and a Turk in the United States on Tuesday on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack at the United States army base in Fort Dix, New Jersey, confirms the existence of a ‘white Al-Qaeda’, Balkan terrorism expert Darko Trifunovic told Adnkronos International (AKI) on Wednesday. Trifunovic said the arrests showed ‘white Al-Qaeda at work.’ He compared the Fort Dix plot to a February attack in Salt Lake City when a Bosnian Muslim youth, Sulejman Talovic went on a shopping mall shooting rampage. Six people including Talovic were killed another four were injured in the attack. Trifunovic, a professor at Belgrade University’s Faculty of Security Studies, was the first to develop a theory of ‘white Al-Qaeda’, which he said was introduced to the Balkans during 1992-1995 civil war in Bosnia when thousands of ‘mujahadeen’ from Islamic countries came to fight on the side of local Muslims. Many mujahadeen have remained in the country, and are believed to been indoctrinating local youths with radical Islam and even operating terrorist training camps, Trifunovic said, quoting western and Balkans intelligence sources.

‘Al-Qaeda has adopted a new tactics of using white European youths for terrorist attacks, ‘because of their non-Arabic appearance,’ Trifunovic told AKI. ‘The strategy is to indoctrinate or poison the hearts and minds of youngsters to psyche them up for the future terror operations,’ Trifunovic said. ‘And that is exactly what is now happening in the United States,’ he added. The US authorities arrested three ethnic Albanian brothers from Serbia’s breakaway Kosovo province, Sain, Elvir and Dritan Duka, another ethnic Albanian, Agron Abdulahu, a Jordanian, Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, and Serdar Tatar, a Turk. Michael Drewniak, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark, New Jersey, said the suspects ‘were planning an attack on Fort Dix in which they would kill as many soldiers as possible’. … Several of the suspects said they were ready to kill and die ”in the name of Allah,” according to court papers. The defendants, all men in their 20s, reportedly include a pizza deliveryman suspected of using his job to scout out Fort Dix, three builders and taxi-driver. They were arrested while trying to buy AK-47 assault weapons and M-16s from an informant, authorities said. Many Balkan terrorism experts have been warning for years that Al-Qaeda had active cells in Muslim-majority Kosovo and a training camp in the village of Ropotovo. Kosovo has been under United Nations control 1999, when NATO airstrikes drove Serbian forces out of the province. … The US authorities said that Abdulahu was a sharp shooter in the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) before fleeing to the US. Fort Dix is a training ground for American soldiers and reservists before they are sent to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan,’ as the caller mentioned earlier.

So the target of Fort Dix is not just random, doesn’t appear to be just random. ‘Serb immigrants’ web sites noted that US officials carefully avoided identifying the four ethnic Albanians as such, calling them only ‘Islamic militants from former Yugoslavia.’ A commentator on the SerbBlog said that Washington, which backs independence for Kosovo, is embarrassed by the discovery of the Fort Dix plot, ‘because the truth might mess up the PR for Kosovo Albanians getting to rip off a piece of Serbia to create their own country – a move that has the full support of the US State Department.” That’s one story. The bottom line of this story from this terrorism expert in the Balkans, Darko Trifunovic, is that there is an existence of ‘white Al-Qaeda’ to fool everybody here. They do not look like Arabs, but they’re being trained to hate and plan and execute terrorist attacks. Now, a couple more things — and I just saw this about 30 seconds before the break ended, and I haven’t had a chance to peruse all of it. This first is from… Where is this from? I need to be able to quote a source for this stuff, and I can’t, which is the danger of this stuff coming in during the show. Findarticles.com, June 7th of 1999. Here we go, ‘Insight on the News.’ This stuff is so tiny I can barely read it.

‘Insight on the News June 7, 1999 — The [Clinton] White House ordered the quick evacuation of 20,000 Kosovar refugees that the United States pledged to take, shortcutting normal procedures and background checks. … In the burgeoning refugee ‘village’ at Fort Dix, N.J. — where as many as 3,000 of the 20,000 ethnic Albanians the United States will take in are being housed pending settlement — there are many such tales, heartrending but unverifiable, to be sure.’ This is about separating from families and all of that. So this just confirms the early story that we had that Islamic refugees, Kosovar refugees were brought in by the Clinton administration and settled at Fort Dix. ‘Meanwhile, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Public Health Service and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service were busy conducting the medical screenings and criminal-background checks normally completed before a refugee can set foot on U.S. soil — but which were deferred in this case because of what some government officials saw as emergency circumstances. The change in procedures was called ‘completely atypical’ by a government official and ‘highly unusual’ by the head of a major relief organization.’

Let me translate that for you. We bring in all these refugees from Kosovo, and we didn’t screen them for disease or backgrounds, criminal backgrounds or anything else. We did that after they were here. This is 1999. This is the summer of 1999, and the Clinton administration deferred all of this. They eventually got around to doing all these checks and so forth, but after they were here. Let’s see. Of the concerns, ‘The first was an administration worry that the flood of Kosovo refugees was overwhelming some neighboring nations and might prove destabilizing to others, particularly Macedonia. A second was a concern that the overcrowded camps presented a growing health risk to refugees.’ This is back in Kosovo. ‘And finally, at least one top congressional aide says a contributing factor also may have been a sense among officials ‘that we helped create this mess and we better help to do something about it,” meaning our Kosovo war with NATO and so forth and so on.

The import of all this is that there is a terrorism expert in the Balkans claiming that a new ‘white Al-Qaeda’ is operating here that has been trained and planted here from the Balkans and from Kosovo, and they are here to exact this kind of damage. The Fort Dix Six were apprehended before they could get moving on it, but the Salt Lake City mall shooter who killed six or killed four or whatever, was part of the group, is what this expert in the Balkans is saying. Now, let’s see, where is this from? Let me take a break. I don’t want to read something that I don’t know what it’s from. Oh, it’s a military website, Quartermaster.Army.mil. So it’s a military website. ‘A 1996 book by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton titled ‘It Takes A Village’ became part of a theme for designing the refugee-processing center. The First Lady’s book centered on rekindling a society that totally sustains and supports its families and individuals, especially its children. It was a 530th soldier who had read the First Lady’s book and recommended naming the processing center’s physical location the ‘Village’ rather than a ‘camp’ or a ‘compound.”

Well, holy cow! Holy cow!

So the refugee location, the camp, the compound was renamed ‘the village,’ in honor of Hillary. Can you imagine what Clinton, Inc., is doing right now with this news out there? We’ve got two CNN stories that we’ve already shared with you. We’ve got this Yugoslav website talking about ‘white Al-Qaeda,’ and it all ties back to the Clinton administration bringing 20,000 Kosovar refugees into the country in 1999. You have a Balkans terrorism expert saying that the Salt Lake City mall shooting and the attempted shootings at Fort Dix, that plan, are all related to a new ‘white Al-Qaeda.’ As first lady, Mrs. Clinton wrote columns about this, ‘the Village.’ Mr. Snerdley has just printed them out now. She wrote columns. That’s right. She did have a column. I remember that now. Mrs. Clinton had a column, and so she wrote about this. We’ll get those in due course. ‘The refugee population in the village at Fort Dix experienced a complete life cycle from…’ Anyway, I gotta take a break, but you get the point here. We brought the refugees in from Kosovo without prior screening. We didn’t screen them for disease or criminal background checks. We did that after they got here. We deferred them. Then they got here and they were so pleased to be here and so happy, that they named their compound ‘the Village,’ after Mrs. Clinton’s book — and, of course, you remember, the Clinton administration (Clinton impression), ‘I never worked harder on anything in my life, fighting terrorism, it was — I got up, I worked, I thought about it, I even thought about it in the study with Monica. I thought about terrorism. We worked hard, Richard Clarke and me. I talked to you about it.’ (Whistling.) Can you imagine The Spin Room at Clinton, Inc., and what it is doing right now?


RUSH: I got these two columns from Mrs. Bill Clinton from May 5th of 1999, May 19th of 1999, but I want to go back to one of the CNN stories. The first lady said, ‘Nothing makes the case more powerfully for why the United States and our allies are pursuing their mission in Kosovo and why we can’t give up until the evils perpetrated by Milosevic and his regime have been stopped and the refugees return home in peace and safety.’ Where is that attitude regarding Iraq? Mrs. Clinton is perfectly fine with taking out after Slobodan Milosevic and talking about how we gotta help these people; we gotta help these allies; gotta bring ’em back home. This Milosevic regime must be stopped!The refugees returned home in peace and safety!

I guess that doesn’t matter in Iraq. Where is this same attitude that Mrs. Clinton had about Milosevic back in the late nineties? Now, her column is called, ‘Talking it Over.’ The first one we have here is from May 5th of 1999. ‘Whenever and wherever people are in need, Americans stand ready to help,’ except Iraq. Well, Democrats don’t stand ready to help. ‘This week, I traveled to Fort Dix in New Jersey, to represent the President and the people of the United States in welcoming the first group of Kosovar refugees from Macedonia arriving in our country. Like hundreds of thousands of others, they’ve witnessed appalling atrocities. … In one 24-hour period earlier this week, more than 11,600 Kosovars arrived in Macedonia, bringing to nearly 700,000 the number of refugees and displaced persons who have fled the terror that Slobodan Milosevic and his regime have inflicted on the ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo. … Some of those coming to the United States have relatives anxiously awaiting their arrival. Families, churches and agencies around the country will sponsor housing for others. Literally tens of thousands of Americans have offered help of some kind. Here’s what you can do,’ and then she goes on to ask you to drive ’em around and take them to the store, get ’em set up with relief agencies so they can get on welfare programs, all the great things that liberals believe in.

‘Every offer of help is an offer of hope. The people of America are sending the people of Kosovo a very strong message: You are not abandoned. You are not forgotten. Slobodan Milosevic has not succeeded in erasing your identity from the pages of history, and he will not succeed in erasing your presence from the land of your parents and grandparents.’ They hated Milosevic. Where’s this attitude in Iraq from Mrs. President Clinton? Don’t forget what this is all about, this is about the Fort Dix Six and how the Clintons set all this up. The Clintons set up the refugee camp at Fort Dix and the refugees are so happy they named it ‘the Village’ after her book. We’ve got a Balkans terrorist expert saying: Oh, yeah! These things are being set up all over the United States. White Al-Qaeda, jihadists and Islamists who don’t look Arab — and claims that the Salt Lake City shooter was one of them.
The May 19th, 1999 piece from Mrs. Clinton’s ‘Talking it Over’ column: ‘We cannot let these people down,’ meaning the Kosovars. ‘We must tell and retell their stories, because there is no more powerful argument for why the United States and our NATO allies are in Kosovo. There is no more powerful justification for why we will not give up until the evils perpetrated by Milosevic have ended and these refugees are once again living in their own homes in peace and security.’ Mrs. Bill Clinton, presidential candidate today, as first lady eight years ago, writing this. Now, remember what Kosovo was about, folks. Ethnic cleansing. We weren’t going to put up with it. Fine and dandy. But was there any US national interest at stake? There wasn’t, was there? ‘Sectarian war’ is what that was. It was a civil war. It was a sectarian war. Now, of course we had NATO fight it from 15,000 feet. It was our war, but we did it with our NATO allies.

Move to Iraq. ‘Sectarian war? Civil war?’ Nobody used the term ‘ethnic cleansing’ yet because if they did, the libs would have to join forces with us on it. But there are clearly US national interests at stake involved in Iraq: Al-Qaeda and international terrorism. I bring all of this up — well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? The conclusion you can draw here is obvious. When the Democrats start a war, it’s all fine, and it’s valorous, and it is moral, and it is worth it. Obviously no US vital national interests were at stake. Now Mrs. Clinton, who was leading this effort — or claiming to with all these public pronouncements — visits to Fort Dix, the bringing of refugees, Kosovar refugees to Fort Dix. She’s now running for president, doing everything she can to please the anti-war crowd in this country that Iraq’s not worth it. Just isn’t worth it. Anyway, I gotta take a brief time-out here, folks. There won’t be time for any more phone calls, sadly, but we’ll have all this stuff at our website tonight so you can peruse it in more detail. I just read excerpts of all of this in the interests of brevity and time.


RUSH: We had breaking news today, breaking news that you will not hear anywhere else, and that is the involvement of the Clinton administration in establishing these refugee camps called ‘the village,’ at Fort Dix and the existence of a white Al-Qaeda, as reported by a Balkans terrorist expert. We’ll see. I can just imagine the feverish, feverish activity at Clinton, Inc., in the war room going on right now, how to spin this. ‘We gotta send Sandy Burglar to purloin some documents. We gotta straighten this out before Limbaugh takes it too far down the road.’

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