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RUSH: I want to talk about the Kansas governor, Ms. Sebelius. This is a great display — classic, as I love to say, a classic illustration — of the politicization of virtually everything, including disasters. Not manmade disasters, just natural acts of God. A tornado that wiped out the town of Greensburg, Kansas, becomes a political weapon for the Democrat Party. You heard what she said. ‘Well, we can’t go in and help those people. We can’t do anything. The National Guard is over in Iraq.’ Now, I have highly tuned antennae, ladies and gentlemen. I know these liberals like every square inch of my shrinking-yet-glorious naked body. I don’t believe this woman came up with that on her own. I don’t spend a lot of time studying pronouncements of the governor of Kansas, but I do know the Democrat Party. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if her statements about this were issued to her from higher powers in the Democrat Party. They coordinate everything, folks. They coordinate everything. This is just too pat. It’s right out of the Democrat playbook, right out of Hurricane Katrina, and covers a bunch of what they care about. A, politicizing a disaster with an agenda. It’s the next Katrina. They hate the war on Iraq and they’re doing everything they can to secure defeat and so tie it to Iraq. It was almost predictable. It was almost too pat. ‘We can’t do anything. We have no ability to go in there and help those people because Bush has sent the National Guard of Kansas over to Iraq.’

It turns out none of this was true. Sebelius knew it and this is why I think she was being led on a leash by this, because she’s allowed herself to be made to look like a fool. It turns out, and the White House has admitted this, ‘Hey, look…’ because she attacked the White House. The Democrats attacked the White House over this, and Tony Snow said, ‘You gotta ask for it. If you want federal assistance, you have to ask for it. We can’t just run out in the states and flood the states with military people and equipment. You gotta ask for it.’ It turns out she did ask for it and she got pretty much what she wanted. So the whole thing was blown up. I think the whole thing is a staged incident. There’s a website, the Armed Forces Press Service: ‘National Guard troops responding to a tornado that devastated Greensburg, Kan., have the manpower and resources they need and can tap into additional support if they need it, defense officials said today. ‘If the National Guard has it, Kansas will receive it,’ said Army Lt. Gen. H Stephen Blum, chief of the National Guard Bureau. Some 566 members of the Kansas National Guard — 366 Army Guard, 200 Air Guard — are on duty, conducting search-and-rescue missions, clearing debris, helping generate power, supporting law enforcement officials, and providing other support, National Guard Bureau officials reported. The Kansas National Guard has 88 percent of its forces available and is working quickly and aggressively to save lives and reduce suffering, Guard Bureau officials reported. More than 6,800 additional Kansas Guard troops can be tapped, if needed, as well as more than 80,000 Guardsmen from surrounding states, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters today.’

The whole thing was made up, and the whole thing has the stench of an organized campaign from the top to me. Whole thing was made up. Besides that, this is where I have to question people’s common sense. My question is tempered by the fact that I understand the basic human nature predisposition of doom and gloom. Everybody seems to be wired to believe the worst of everything. We hear that 10,000 people died from Obama, and people in his crowd nod their heads! That is such a gaffe. Imagine if Bush had said it or any other Republican presidential candidate had said it. It would still be news. They’d be laughing about it. Barack is allowed to get off and say (paraphrased), ‘Well, I was tired. I was flying around, hopscotching on my jet there. I was tired.’ No, he was politicizing it. But the idea that we in the United States of America do not have resources in this country because of the war in Iraq, is patently absurd. Yet people, when the governor first makes this announcement, I’ll guaran-damn-tee you a whole lot of people bought it hook, line and sinker. ‘Bush sent the troops over there to Iraq. There’s nobody to help these people in Greensburg, Kansas.’ As this report discusses, we have National Guard equipment and troops in surrounding states. We’ve got military people stationed all over the world. ‘This is a byproduct of Bush has depleted the military. People are serving two and three tours. Guards are over there! They shouldn’t be over there because we’re short in enlistment.’ They’ve been running a never-ending, bash-Bush, bash-the-military campaign for five years. This is the latest installment and used the governor of Kansas to advance this. It’s total, total politics. John in Topeka, Kansas — speak of the devil — it’s great to have you. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi Rush, how are you doing?

RUSH: Fine, thank you.

CALLER: I’m in the National Guard in Kansas.

RUSH: What part of Iraq are you calling from?

CALLER: Oh, I guess my cell phone doesn’t work in Iraq. I’m calling from Topeka, Kansas.

RUSH: You’re in the National Guard and you’re in Kansas?

CALLER: Amazing it, isn’t it? We’re not in Iraq.

RUSH: Well, I wonder if the governor knows you’re there.

CALLER: I guess I’ll have to call her after I get off the phone with you. I just find it offensive she’s using us for political gain.

RUSH: Yeah. You may be offended, but you shouldn’t be surprised. She’s a Democrat.

CALLER: Right, not surprised.

RUSH: Have you been called to serve? Have you been asked to go out and help in Greensburg?

CALLER: Yes. A lot of us have been volunteering to go.

RUSH: But have you been officially called, because we’re told that there aren’t any of you there — and that we’re left to believe that virtually every scrap of National Guard personnel and equipment is being sent there now because there’s such a shortage, and yet you’re calling from Topeka. I guess you haven’t received orders to head out to Greensburg.

CALLER: No, absolutely not. Right now it’s a volunteer thing.

RUSH: That doesn’t make sense because the Drive-Bys are saying the opposite. I don’t know what to do here. You should call the governor’s office and tell them I told you to call and you’re available and you’ve been trying to volunteer to get out there and nobody is answering.


RUSH: (laughs) I know you can’t do that. That’s jumping the chain of command. But I just say this rhetorically to make a point. I appreciate the call, John. Thanks much.


RUSH: Welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, the October 2005 issue of the nation’s most widely read political newsletter. This is The Limbaugh Letter. I’m showing it for the people watching on Dittocam today at RushLimbaugh.com. What you’re looking at there is a map graphically illustrating how many National Guard troops are deployed and available in every state all across the fruited plain, including Alaska and Hawaii. Back in 2005 when we went through this and we created a graphic, there were 4,000 National Guard troops in Kansas. But we did this around a story entitled: ‘Where Was the National Guard?’ I was reminded of this. It was a year and a half ago that we did this. We had a bit today, a discussion, of Kathleen Sebelius, the Governor of Kansas, who came right out and said, ‘We don’t have any National Guard here because we’re in Iraq.’

I said, ‘I don’t believe she came up with that on her own. I think that’s part of Democrat Party strategy. I think it’s in the handbook.’ When there’s a disaster, particularly in a state with a Democrat governor, you blame Bush and you blame Iraq. You do everything you can to deflect attention away from whatever incompetence on the local level, such as Kathleen Blanco and Ray ‘School Bus’ Nagin in New Orleans and in Kansas now, the mayor, Sebelius. We did this in the post-Katrina era, because they did it during Katrina.

‘There’s no National Guard! Bush has sent them over there fighting a war we can’t win; an immoral war; an unjust war. Bush lied; people died! Now people died because Bush not only steered the hurricane to New Orleans — Bush created Katrina! He aimed it there because he wanted to kill Democrats — he made sure there’s no National Guard,’ and that’s what they’re out there saying. That is why, and I will reiterate this, I do not believe that Governor Sebelius came up with this on her own. I think there’s either a handbook, they either discussed this, or she got a call from someplace — at Democrat headquarters, wherever. There are a bunch of different Democrat headquarters. ‘Here’s what you’re going to say about this.’ We have a little mock-up here of the Democrat Disaster Handbook, Hurricane Response Plan, but it also would work in the case of a tornado. The first thing you say is — and this forms all other thinking — ‘I hate Bush. Bush sucks. Bush is Hitler or Bull Conner. Bush is really dumb. He knew in advance but didn’t respond. He sent the National Guard to Iraq when it was needed at home. It’s FEMA’s fault. Bush took money from local reconstruction levees or what have you and used it for the war and that’s why a whole town got blown away in Greensburg, Kansas. Bush failed to preserve the wetlands! Bush has refused to fix global warming,’ all these things.

I know this handbook. We make a mockery of it here, but I know it exists. Dean is running the website today. Koko is out. But pages 10 and 11, October 2005, Limbaugh Letter, reproduce it. Made a PDF out of this and post it at Rushlimbaugh.com in support of my instinctive understanding and monologue today on the reaction of the governor of Kansas, and my theory that it was a preprogrammed response, perhaps even ordered and dictated to response by higher powers in the Democrat hierarchy.

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