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RUSH: Well-known communist sympathizer Jane Fonda was on Larry King Live last night. Larry knew it. He happened to know who his guest was last night. He asked her a question: ‘Do you see parallels between Vietnam and Iraq?’

FONDA: Oh, yes, I do! Got in based on lies. Scared to get out because our presidents are afraid it will make them look unmanly, I guess, even though they know — at least I hope this one knows. All of the others during the Vietnam War knew, if you read the Pentagon Papers, that we couldn’t win but they were scared of pulling out, you know, ‘premature evacuation’ and all of that. We can’t win this. We couldn’t win the Vietnam War. It was the wrong war. You don’t go to war for lies — and, you know, a difference is that now it’s just poor kids that are going over there and dying and are less well-equipped and less armored than they were during the Vietnam War. It’s a tragedy. It’s just — I don’t think anything has hurt this country as much as what President Bush has done to us.

RUSH: Can this get any more clichéd? This is unbelievable. This is one giant cliché. Did you hear her say ‘premature evacuation’? ‘Presidents are afraid of getting out of wars because of ‘premature evacuation’…’ It reminded me of the Code Pink babe back in January.

CODE PINK BABE: And we women say, ‘Puuuull oooout noooow!’

RUSH: There you have it: ‘premature evacuation.’ (Chuckling). The women of the left.

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