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RUSH: By the way, folks, I gotta tell you. Yesterday I mentioned my friend’s new product Dr. Tillitsuits, and I was afraid of this. You’ve caused the product to be back-ordered now at Williams-Sonoma. You can’t get it until the 15th. A lot of people got it yesterday, but so many of you went out there… and you’ll be happy with Dr. Tillitsuits. It’s a great little product that enhances every one of your recipes. It makes great bloody or virgin Marys to boot. We went to the Williams-Sonoma site. We even called them because we wanted to get pictures of the product and put it up there so you could see it. They said, ‘Well, we’re back-ordered till May 15th, thank you, Mr. Limbaugh.’ By the way, we got a case of it here. Have you taken the pictures yet to send up to the website? What were you doing all morning? You were sitting there all morning! You had all this time to take pictures of the Dr. Tillitsuits bottles. (interruption) No, he better not have been drinking Bloody Marys. If there’s any vodka in here, I want to know about it. Is there any vodka in here?

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