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RUSH: Let me give you another example of the left circling the wagons to protect their own and how the Drive-By Media is in on the Democrat Party agenda. This week’s Newsweek magazine cover story is on political courage. And their headline is, ‘Wanted: A New Truman.’ Evan Thomas is one of the writers of the Newsweek cover story, and he acknowledges John McCain as having political courage based on his time in the Hanoi Hilton. He says all the candidates will use their life stories to show a sense of moral purpose. And then he gets to Hillary Clinton. Now, what do you think — from the standpoint of Newsweek magazine, the Drive-By Media — Hillary Clinton’s display of moral purpose was? Let me read to you what Evan Thomas wrote: ‘Hillary Clinton had a stark moral choice whether to stay with her husband when President Clinton’s philandering with Monica Lewinsky was exposed. Her decision to stand by him could not have been easy. So I guess the moral courage of Hillary Clinton was displayed by not condemning her husband’s adultery, but tolerating it and thus maintaining political viability for their party.’

Folks, if you want to understand liberals like I do (and I know many of you would love to be able to do it as well as I do), you have to look at every aspect of liberalism through their prism of politics. They don’t look at morality the same way you and I do. They don’t look at any cultural issue the same way you and I do. Hillary Clinton, in the latest Newsweek, is applauded for moral courage because she held the party together. She could have destroyed the Democrat Party if she would have condemned, morally, her husband’s adultery — but she didn’t. She hung in there. And her moral courage allowed the Democrat Party to thrive and prosper in their minds.

That’s their version of morality. Their moral plays have political outcomes, and if the political outcome is good for the Democrat Party, good for liberalism, then it’s moral! If it isn’t, it’s immoral. That’s why you and I, to them, are immoral — we don’t advance their agenda. I’m serious; if you want to understand them, this is how you have to look at it. They’re very good at covering it up. ‘Well, we care about people. We want people to get out of poverty or what have you.’ It’s the exact opposite of that. Everything has a political prism and the view of what is good or bad, moral or immoral is whether or not it advances that agenda — pure and simple.

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