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RUSH: Richard in Raytown, Missouri. Raytown, Missouri, in fact is where the Tomb of the Unknown Bowler is. It’s great to have you, Richard.

CALLER: Pleasure and honor to talk to you, Professor Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to let you know that these Obama appearances in St. Louis and Kansas City were fundraisers, and they charged $50 for general admission, $25 for seniors. Tickets here in Kansas City were only half as much, so it’s $25 for general admission and $10 for students and seniors. As a 55-year-old grandfather who’s finishing up the fourth year in medical school, I couldn’t afford to go to those.

RUSH: Would you have anyway? I can’t imagine. We were just sitting here discussing your call before you got on. I said to Snerdley, ‘What is this?’ because he put up there, ‘Obama was a paid event,’ and I thought it might have meant Obama paid the audience to come in, but it was the other way around. Obama charged them.

CALLER: That’s right. He needed the money so he charged this way.

RUSH: Fundraisers generally have some value for the people donating, like a dinner or a picture with the candidate, but, I mean, would you pay $50 to go hear a candidate speak?

CALLER: Like I say, as a fourth-year medical student who is a grandfather, no. I could not afford to.

RUSH: But if you could?

CALLER: No. I would never go listen to that drivel.

RUSH: It doesn’t matter who the politician is?

CALLER: I have to admit, if Mitt Romney was coming or George Bush I would, but Democrats? No. I wouldn’t pay a penny for that.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know of any other — ah, I shouldn’t say this, but I don’t know — in the modern era if anybody is out there charging admission for a politician’s speech and calling it a fundraiser. That probably is happening. So the top price was 50 bucks, you say?

CALLER: That was in St. Louis, and $25 here in Kansas City.

RUSH: Well, what does that say about Kansas City? The top price in Kansas City was twenty bucks? That’s insulting. I lived in Kansas City. If they’re going to charge St. Louisans $50 bucks, and they’re only going to charge Kansas City $25, what’s the Obama problem with Kansas City?

CALLER: I don’t know where the problem was.

RUSH: Oh, you might turn it around. Maybe he just thinks the people in St. Louis are saps, and he knows the people in Kansas City are too smart to figure it out. You start charging prices like that, I mean the headline in the Kansas City Star should have been, ‘Minorities Hardest Hit.’ You just heard Oprah talking about related matters here. Okay, $50 bucks St. Louis and $25 Kansas City. I’m still not impressed. I sold out the Lion King theater in 20 minutes at $77 a ticket for WABC, and we had 2,500 or 3,000 people in Detroit a couple weeks ago for far more than 50 bucks a ticket. Now, the money went to charity, but I still say even at $25 bucks a pop, and you are the beneficiary of all of this doting, the positive press, the constant media attention — you are the future; you are being portrayed as something new and unique, never before to appear in politics and you’re charging $25 bucks top ticket in Kansas City — and you get a place not even air-conditioned? I read the story about it, ‘Sweltering with body heat.’ It’s hot in there. Even so, even so, $25 bucks? This is still not good. I’m not changing my mind about the fact that the two people in there that were photographed asleep were plants by the Clinton administration. The guy might have been dragged there by a spouse, I don’t know, but $25 bucks is nothing to Clinton, Inc., to get a couple people in there, total of 50 bucks and then act like they’re asleep for the photographers. Well worth the price of admission. I can’t imagine if somebody willingly pay $25 bucks a ticket to go hear a politician and fall asleep in there. If you’re going to pay $25 bucks to go hear a politician, you want to be there, right? You’ve got some level of excitement attached to it. You’ve got some adrenaline flowing. These are exciting events. Plus, I don’t know about you, but if it’s really sweltering in there with a lot of body heat it’s tough to fall asleep anyway.

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