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RUSH: I have my audio sound bite roster here, and this is sort of a strange Monday. I haveall kinds of sound bites. In fact, I have 20 of them. But can I tell you who they are? We have Oprah, and I played the two Oprah bites. We have McCain. We have Mitch McConnell. We have this idiot interview last night that Mike Wallace did with Mitt Romney, ‘Tell me, have you ever had sex with your wife before marriage?’ Would he ask that question to Obama? I already talked about that last week, though. They put a press release out. We have Obama here, three bites. I already talked about Obama. Stephanopoulos gave him a Mulligan on the question of what would you do if we were attacked. You know what? Grab cut 13. This might be an interesting one to listen to. But the point is, it’s just the same old, same old. It’s the same old people! We have Chuck Hagel ripping the Republicans. What’s new? I’m not complaining about the fact that that’s all I have. That’s not the point. That’s what there is — and, frankly, Chuck Hagel doesn’t interest me like he does the Drive-By Media. I can say more about Obama than he can say himself and make it interesting.

What’s interesting about this Obama bite was that Stephanopoulos said yesterday, ‘One moment that got a lot of scrutiny was at the debate, you were asked what you would do if Al-Qaeda attacked two American citizens, and what you didn’t say in your first answer is that you would strike back, and a lot of your rivals said, ‘Well, it shows that his instincts are soft.” I construe this as a Mulligan. Stephanopoulos was basically saying, ‘Go ahead and answer it again and get it right this time.’ If a Republican had made this kind of gaffe, the question would be about the gaffe, ‘Where was your head? What were you thinking! How in the world would you ever expect the American people to vote for you if you can’t even say you would retaliate against people that nuked two cities?’ But no! That’s not the question. It was very soft soap, very dignified and so forth. Here’s Obama’s answer here as he takes another swing at it.

OBAMA: I will repeat what I said, which is that the first thing I would do is make sure the emergency response was appropriate and the people were safe. The second thing I’d do is make sure that we weren’t going to have another attack and that we had adequate intelligence to make sure that that was prevented. The third thing I would do is to find out who had perpetrated the crime — and then I would attack. Now, that, I think, is how every American should want their president to operate, and —

RUSH: Stop the tape a second. Stop the tape. See, what’s wrong with this is that Brian Williams — in the question — let there be no doubt about it was Al-Qaeda. He didn’t need any intelligence. He didn’t need to talk to anybody else around the world. This emergency response or the first responders? If the president has to make sure that’s happening, we are in deep doo-doo. If the local communities in these cities that were theoretically nuked have to wait for Obama as president or anybody else to call, ‘Hey, are you guys in gear out there? Are the ambulances rolling?’ You know, presidents can do two or three things at a time. The first answer is, ‘Find out who did it and attack,’ but Brian Williams in the question said, ‘and it is without a doubt Al-Qaeda has done the attack. They’ve nuked two cities. While we’re here in South Carolina at this debate, they nuked two cities.’ So you don’t have to worry about ‘making sure the intelligence is right.’ So Stephanopoulos is still letting him off the hook here. Then this is an interesting bite. Sam Donaldson was back on Stephanopoulos’ show yesterday at a roundtable and they were discussing Stephanopoulos’ interview with Obama. This is one of the things that Donaldson said.

DONALDSON: I was watching your interview, and I must tell you, George, the first half I was intensely interested in, and I began to get on to the way he was answering. And the second half, if you will look at that interview again, one of those shots when he was talking to a crowd, you were illustrating how he was — look at the guy in the lower right hand! He was asleep. I’m serious.

RUSH: Yeah, I would be, too. This is raucous crowd we told you about earlier, 1500 people in Kansas City that turned out to hear a Barack Obama speak. Fifteen hundred people for a presidential candidate is zilch. Drudge had the pictures on his website. I don’t know if they’re still up there or not, but they were there. There were two people that were asleep. Now, would anybody have any problem disagreeing with me if I said those two people might not have even been Obama supporters? What if they’re from the Hillary camp, the Clinton camp? What if Clinton supporters in Kansas City wormed their way into the Obama appearance and got up there in the front row and fell asleep or made it look like they’re falling asleep knowing that their pictures would be taken? (interruption) Well… (laughing) I have people talking to me all the time in the IFB. H.R. said, ‘You could be wrong about this, Rush. They could have just been guys dragged their by their wives and didn’t want to go.’ In fact, you know what? We’ve gotta consider that because we got an e-mail from a guy who had to go somewhere that Madeleine Albright spoke. She did a commencement address recently at some major university. This guy sent me the e-mail and said, ‘I had no desire to listen, but my daughter was graduating. I had to go but I had no desire to listen to Madeleine Albright, so I took an iPod and listened to your show from Friday while Madeleine Albright was doing the commencement speech.’ He was just writing to thank me for making podcasts available. Anyway, I still vote for the fact that they were Clinton supporters that wormed their way in there and fell asleep on purpose, knowing — or made it look like they’d fallen asleep so that — people like Sam Donaldson would notice it.


RUSH: John in Bogota, New Jersey. Boga-ta, New Jersey?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. That’s Bug-ota.

RUSH: Yeah, thank you, sir.

CALLER: All right. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Great to talk to you.

RUSH: Bogota, you say? It’s Bogota, New Jersey?

CALLER. Yes, spelled the same as Boga-ta, but it’s Bug-ota.

RUSH: Yeah, good. That’s very wise of the town fathers there.

CALLER: Oh, yes. Real quick: you played some comments by Mr. Obama before, and they got me a little confused. He was asked what he would do if there was another attack; is that right?

RUSH: Yeah. I’m going to set it up. The question, the first time it was asked was during the Democrat debate on MSNBC, in South Carolina, and the question from Brian Williams, ‘God forbid,’ God forbid, got forbid, he said, ‘If as we are sitting here tonight in this debate, two American cities are attacked with nuclear weapons, and we know without a shadow of a doubt it’s Al-Qaeda, what would you do?’ That is the question. Then Stephanopoulos gave him a Mulligan on the answer by asking him the question yesterday, ‘You he didn’t say that you would retaliate, and opponents said you showed lack of decisiveness and bad instincts.’ What did you hear when you heard the answer?

CALLER: Well, it sounds like he said that he would make sure everyone’s safe first and make sure that the emergency response was satisfactory, and then he would make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and then he would find out who was responsible. So if he can do that in that order, then why doesn’t he just make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place?

RUSH: Well, because the Democrats cannot — as a party, they can’t — allow themselves to have feelings like that about people. For Barack Obama or any Democrat to take steps to prevent something like that from happening, what would they have to do? They’d have to say there are people out there who would want to do it, and they would have to say that those people are mean, and since they dislike Bush more than those people — there was a New York Times, very sympathetic to militant Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. A friend of mine who lost a son on 9/11 sent me an e-mail early this morning. He was just outraged. ‘Why would the New York Times give sympathy to these people who want to do it again and have already done it?’ I wrote him back and I said, ‘Look, you know this. To understand news today, you have to understand it is agenda-driven, and it is attached to the agenda of the Democrat Party.’ Right now, the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media are intent on destroying George Bush and any and all of his policies, including securing defeat in the war on terror. If you don’t understand that, you are going to split a blood vessel if you read the New York Times on a daily basis or watch some of these cable TV networks. You’ve got to understand what the point is. Obama, by virtue of your alert reaction to what he said, for the Democrats to suggest that we’ve gotta take steps to stop Group A from blowing us up, they’re going to have to say bad things about Group A — and that’s discriminatory. So they will wait ’til after Group A attacks to give themselves cover, and even after Group A attacks — which they have — take a look at what the Democrats are doing: finding no fault with Group A, finding fault with their own country and George W. Bush.

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