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RUSH: We have John Edwards news. Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! Time for our update. We have numerous Edwards updates, but this one fits the update to a T.

(Playing of ‘I am Woman’ update theme.)

RUSH: That’s our buddy Paul Shanklin ans John Edwards and ‘I am Woman.’ There’s a reason for this. Kate Michelman, the president emeritus of NARAL, Pro-Choice America. Kate Michelman said some weeks ago, John Edwards — of all the candidates, including Mrs. Bill Clinton — he’s the guy that understands women’s issues more than any other Democrat out there. So as a result, and we’ve got this from his website: ‘Edwards Launches ‘Women for Edwards.’ Receives Support from Women Leaders from Across the Country; Announces Agenda to Address Issues Facing Women.’ Michelman’s quoted in this thing: ‘I believe in John’s deep and profound commitment to the issues that matter most in women’s lives. From health care, to Iraq, to poverty, to our environment.’ Look, there’s a woman sitting on the other side of the glass. Hello. Just nod here. You are a woman. Kate Michelman just said that John Edwards is more in tune with the issues that matter to you and your sisters than anybody else. Poverty, is that something, as a woman, that guides you? Not that you’re in poverty, but are you running around all day wringing your hands over poverty and wondering which president is going to fix it?

Iraq? From the standpoint we’ve got to get out of there and we’ve got to lose. Let’s see. The environment. We’re being told these are ‘women’s issues.’ As we’re up there burning all those thousands of gallons of jet fuel every hour, are you concerned about…? No, she’s not concerned. Of course, we’re being told Edwards is the smoker! He’s got it down pat when it comes to women’s issues. Now, I know it’s on his website, but there are going to be stories on this. This is how these things all start. You get fax or you get a PR statement like this. Next, it goes to the Drive-By Media, and they report it as news.

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