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RUSH: I mentioned earlier that the Senate earlier today rejected the de-funding of the Iraq war and bringing the troops home by March 31st of 2008. It wasn’t even close. It was 67-29. The whole thing went down the tubes. Of course, you can ask the question, ‘Well, I thought the will of the people — the Democrats keep telling us the election last November confirmed the American people — want out of Iraq.’ This is the third vote here that’s failed on its own without pork being added to it or some other gimmick to get people to vote for it. Twenty-nine people voted for this. Two of them are Senator Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — and of course, they voted for it because they don’t run the risk of it passing. So this gives ’em freedom to just go out and vote for it and placate their base. They’re presidential candidates. If this bill ever would have a chance of passing, I guarantee you Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t have voted for it, because the Democrats are not going to pull us out of Iraq.

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