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RUSH: This just came across a PR Newswire. It’s from our old buddies at the Center for Science and the Public Interest. I think this guy’s name is Michael Jacobson. This is the guy who has taken coconut oil out of movie theater popcorn. This is the guy that’s tried to tell you that Chinese food will cause you to die. Everything you eat, by the way, is going to cause you to die. As though you’re never going to die! They have just filed a lawsuit against Burger King because they use trans-fat. ‘By using partially hydrogenated oil, Burger King is knowingly increasing its customers’ risk of heart disease and early death, according to a lawsuit filed today by the nonprofit Center for Science and the Public Interest. They’re asking a District of Columbia superior court judge to order the restaurant chain to stop using trans-fats or at least require prominent warning notice on burger’s menu boards. According to the Center for Science and the Public Interest, Burger King is the biggest restaurant chain that is not fully committed to getting rid of the artificial trans-fat found in partially hydrogenated oil.’ Now, a number of things on this. In the first place, we’ve got a movement against trans-fats in this country. How did this get started? It got started like the left and liberals start everything: this is about power. It’s about control. This is an assault on freedom. It’s an assault on private enterprise. It all comes under this umbrella or imprimatur of health.

They’ve tried this with a number of other things, and many times their claims end up eventually being rejected, like oat bran was going to be good for you. It turns out it made no difference. Coffee was going to kill you. Ah, had to let that go. They’ve done it with secondhand smoke. But this is just a nuisance organization made up of a bunch of miserable, unhappy little leftist activists who are engaging in their primary role in the world as they see it, and that is to control your life and to treat you like an absolute idiot. You don’t know what’s good for you; you don’t know what’s best for you. You need nannies, mommies and daddies, big government, liberal Democrats, nonprofit centers. It just galls me when people start falling for this stuff. Now, if you don’t want to eat trans-fat, that’s fine. If you read about it and you find out you don’t want to eat it, that’s fine. If Burger King is using it, then don’t go there. It’s simple. It’s called the free market. But my thought is that most people don’t have the slightest idea what the real details are on the so-called threat posed by trans-fat. Somebody just put it out there. We live in a culture and a society that believes doom and gloom is around the corner. If that’s not going to kill us, this will — and if that doesn’t, something that we haven’t heard of yet will. It’s all part of this recipe they cook up every day to keep people themselves unhappy and miserable and looking for the worst, obsessed with negativism. It incorporates so much of what liberals try to do, and make you think that ‘Big’ anything is out to get you. Do you realize people more powerful than you, all they want to do is screw you? All they want to do is ruin you. All they want to do is make you miserable! They will kill you and they will poison you.

That’s what they want you to believe.

They’ve got their little compatriots in the Drive-By Media that dutifully report this stuff. This isn’t news when a nonprofit group comes up and says X. But it’s treated as news and it’s treated as a giant scientific discovery, and it’s treated as something that can help save and prolong lives. Last I looked, the life expectancy in this country was getting bigger and better, without interruption. But if you listen to these little busybodies, you think everything’s going to hell in a hand basket and getting worse. Things have never been better economically in this country. You might say rising gas prices and now rising food prices. True, but that always happens. Do you realize there’s nothing in the course of human conduct in the free market, in the oppressed world, in dictatorships? There’s nothing new. There’s nothing at all new, and yet we all — in our generations, we all — think that things are the worst they’ve ever been, because human beings are predisposed to believe the negative. It takes real work to believe the positive stuff. It takes effort. You’ve gotta go work on it. Plus it’s easy to pass the buck. ‘Ah, I got sick. Yeah, Burger King killed me. I’m going to lose five years off my life expectancy. Burger King and trans-fat! They didn’t tell me about it. They wanted me to die.’

Right. These companies want their customers to die. They go into business to kill you. Does that make any sense? What business kills off its customers? The only one I can think of is tyrannical governments, and that’s if you get out of line.


RUSH: Have you all ever seen this Michael Jacobson guy, the guy that runs the Center for Science and Public Interest? My gosh, I’ve never seen a grayer, unhappier, more frail looking person in my life that’s still breathing. The guy is a cadaver. He’s a walking cadaver, and he’s got some babe with him that’s not much different in that regard. I guess two people at a fax machine, little surveys, nitpicking with everything.

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