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“Prior to 9/11, we followed the liberal prescription for dealing with the enemy. All through the nineties, we didn’t do anything except chase them down with meaningless indictments — we didn’t deploy at all. And what happened? We lost 3,000 people in two hours, not in four years.”
“I appreciate your time, Tony Snow — it’s always fun to talk to you. One final question: Trump or Rosie?”
“I don’t hear US military people saying, ‘We are weary of this war and we want to come home!’ I hear the exact opposite. They’re frustrated, they want to be turned loose, they want to kick butt, and they want to win.”
“I would like to ask any liberal media member or member of the Democratic Party to tell me what the hell is your plan for stopping Iran from getting nukes? And don’t tell me ‘talking to them’ because that isn’t going to work. What is your plan?”
“I was talking about action in Iran and Syria and a friend said to me, ‘We can’t do it. The president has not laid the foundation.’ I said, ‘I don’t care, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has!'”
“We all sit around and get fooled into believing that liberalism is about compassion, that it cares for the less fortunate, that it focuses on the little guy. Well, tell that to the people in Waco. We lost more people in the Waco invasion than we lost soldiers in Iraq in December!”
“‘Americans overwhelmingly oppose sending more US forces to Iraq, according to a new AP/Ipsos poll.’ There’s another way to phrase this: ‘Americans are tragically misinformed about militant Islam.'”
“Right now, George W. Bush — whatever you think of him about anything else — is the only person in Washington who is standing up to the enemy.”
“People need to understand this about liberalism: it is not about compassion. It is one of the least compassionate philosophies known to man. What liberalism is about is the concentration of power in the hands of a few who use the force of government to extinguish individualism and the rule of law.”
“I got so wrapped up in this show today I forgot to even get a cigar, much less light it. I’ll fix that pretty soon.”

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