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RUSH: I just had a news story sent to me. This is from San Antonio, WOAI radio reporting. This is one example, and this is going to be happening all over the place. ‘Hundreds of illegal immigrants have registered to vote in Bexar County in recent years and dozens of them have actually cast ballots, canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens.’ Figures obtained by the radio station in San Antonio ‘show that 303 illegals successfully registered to vote, and at least 41 cast ballots in various elections.’ This is just one county. This is more than enough to impact an election or throw it. See, the thing that the Democrats know — and this is something you need to remain confident in — is the Democrats cannot win in the arena of ideas. That’s why they want the Fairness Doctrine, to silence people like me. That is why there’s political correctness. That’s why these censorship all over the place. They can’t win. They don’t even want to debate in the arena of ideas. They don’t know how. They’ve not been forced to defend their positions. They suffer from a terminal rage.

Tom Sowell has a great piece about this. I read it on Townhall.com. He said it’s inexplicable, as I myself have said on previous occasions. All you have to do is mention tax cuts for the rich, and these people go ballistic. They literally lose their minds. You mention George W. Bush? They literally lose their minds — and Bush is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He’s never done or said anything to them. They hated Ronald Reagan. They just have this never-ending rage. Since they can’t win in the arena of ideas, they need as many ‘new,’ quote, unquote, citizens as they can get, because they know they’re going to end up registering as Democrats. The unions are going to make beelines for these people. We’ve joked here, but I’ve often thought that there are already illegals out there registering to vote. We know there’s all kinds of vote fraud going on. By the way, speaking of that, this US attorney imbroglio, that whole controversy, do you know what that was really all about? The White House was getting complaints from senators and others out across the fruited plain. Many of those eight US attorneys targeted for dismissal were not pursuing voter fraud cases. I don’t know why. They weren’t interested in them. They weren’t big enough or high profile enough. Who knows why, but they weren’t.

Voter fraud is another one of these media templates that is an exclusive Republican problem. The Democrats think every election is stolen from them when they lose it. The Democrats lose elections? Why, doesn’t compute! They lost the House? It doesn’t compute! Lost the Florida aftermath, they lost 15 recounts? It doesn’t compute! It has to be the election is stolen. If they just had a 55,000 vote swing in Ohio, John Kerry would be the president, he thinks, and he said. There had to be voter machine fraud. So the voter fraud that’s actually occurring is more on that side, it’s everywhere, but they’re probably more involved in fake registrations and that sort of thing. This is only going to blow up and expand if this immigration bill that the Senate has agreed to now remains in its present form, signed by the president. This is inexplicable to me. I do not understand the Republicans on this at all, politically. Even when you look at it beyond politically, ‘Well, this is a bad move. Republicans are going to take it in the shorts. This is really, really a dumb,’ but beyond the political aspect, we try to look at things here not always through the political prism.

The worthlessness of the law, the empty promises that we’ve had on securing the border: part of this bill is to relax some of those things, too. The fence? No, it’s not going to be nearly as big now. Senator Kennedy is not crazy about it. So you look at just the real world aspects of this, rather than just factoring the political ramifications, and that’s also a mystery. Nothing about this makes any sense, and the people that try to sell it engage in some of the most unbelievable spin. It makes you wonder why they do. Do they not know how they sound? Do they not know how this is not selling? Do they know how up in arms people are? People don’t like to have their intelligence insulted. Some of the spin on this from the Republican side is exactly that. Plus, the final straw is when you throw in with the Democrats and you compromise, ‘Well, but, Rush, they’re the minority. They have to throw in.’ There are procedural steps you can take. You don’t have to give in like this.


RUSH: Back to the phones we go to Jenna in Apple Valley, California. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. My name is actually Janice, and —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Did you say Janice?


RUSH: Okay. Sorry. It says ‘Jenna’ up there.

CALLER: That’s okay. Mr. Snerdley is one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to, so that’s okay. We’ll cut him some slack on that one.

RUSH: You might.

CALLER: My question to you is, since most of the Mexican people that I know are hard-working people and they’re mostly Catholic, so that would take the abortion issue right off the table, why are we to automatically assume that if they all become citizens they’re just automatically going to be Democrat registrations? Why wouldn’t some of them be siphoned off to Republicans? I just don’t see why it’s an automatic thing. What is it in their culture, maybe you can explain to me, that would make them automatically Democrats?

RUSH: No, I’m not basing this on any cultural examination of Mexicans. Look, the best answer in the world that’s staring right in front of our faces is, who is it that really wants this to happen? It’s the Democrats. Now, why? What is their possible interest in it? The Republican interest is based on the desire for them to have cheap labor. That’s where the support and the pressure on Republican senators is coming from, from a lot of the agriculture business people, and other big business people, via the Chamber of Commerce. The second thing is: experience. Simpson-Mazzoli with, I think it was 2.7 to three million illegals, and there’s no evidence that being nice and granting them legal status and granting them amnesty made them appreciate Republicans who were in charge of that legislation. Republicans are counting on the appreciation of these people. It has nothing to do with cultural. They’re not all going to be Democrats. Of course every group of people is going to have a percentage and is not going to be universal Democrat, but the Democrats are going to more actively pursue them via the unions and getting them registered to vote and this sort of thing. Republicans will be in that game, too, because they both want this. They’re both looking at this as a new pool of voters. I just think experience says the Democrats are going to win this.

CALLER: Oh, that’s not good. (Laughing.) See, most of the people when you watch the news out here in California and they interview Hispanic people that are citizens, they aren’t happy about all this either.

RUSH: I know, but those are the ones that have gone the legal route, and they resent all this, and we’ve got people trying to get in the door legally who are watching this who aren’t going to like it, either — not just from around the world but from Mexico as well. See, the dirty little secret when it comes to the southern border is — and they know it — get in, and you’re in. You’re not going to be deported, the odds are, and when you get in — especially now with this new immigration bill lurking out there, you talk about a new magnet? You look at the rallies, all these rallies for amnesty, for making the illegals legal. Who do you think put those together? The unions. La Raza. Democrats! They’ve got bigger numbers on those rallies than they got for any of their anti-war rallies.

CALLER: Well, I know from being an ex-union worker because I’m retired now, that they really push that. They push that in the workplace. They push it on you everywhere —

RUSH: Absolutely.

CALLER: — for these kinds of things. So I know that they’re looking to swell their ranks because they are becoming ineffective.

RUSH: Well, you mean the unions?

CALLER: Yeah, they are.

RUSH: Yeah. They’re becoming ineffective. This is another reason the unions have turned around — some of them have — and want this, is because they’re losing membership. The percentage of the workforce that is unionized I think is down to 9%. In the eighties it was 12 to 15, and the highest it was was 35% back in the glory days, and most of the union work now, believe it or not, is in government. The government unions and this sort of thing. So there’s a pool of new union workers out there. And, by the way, if the unions get hold of these people and get ’em into union jobs and get them organized, you’re not going to get any of this cheap labor stuff anymore because the union is not going to settle for that because they’re going to use it just like they used the minimum wage. The reason they want an increase in the minimum wage is because that raises the ceiling on which other workers get paid. So the union boss will go in to negotiate with the business that he’s working with, ‘We just raised unskilled labor to seven, eight bucks an hour, and you’re telling me my professional, skilled worker is only worth 15 bucks an hour? Not in this next contract, Mr. Businessman.’ Well, you bring in the illegals who are working now for whatever it is, two to three, four, five bucks an hour. You won’t get them up to eight or ten — and guess what? The unions get to get their floor raised again. So there’s all kinds of things in this that point to Democrat activism — not the least of which is the engine behind this in the United States Senate. Austin, Texas, this is Al. You’re next on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega Hispanic dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: (Laughing.) Hey, I was listening to the lady just now, and she was basically commenting, ‘Well what makes you think that Hispanics are going to vote for all Democrats and everything?’ and, Rush, I grew up in south Texas, where it’s predominantly Hispanic. The Democratic Party has such a stronghold in south Texas, it’s unbelievable. They’ve created so many welfare programs. They’ve kept people on the welfare roles to just keep them voting for Democrats. I know these people because I grew up with them, and, yes, there’s a lot of very good people, hard-working people. I know a lot of them, and I grew up with a lot of people knowing that they were not fully legal here in the US, and yes, there’s a lot of very good people, but what I don’t understand is, why can’t they just come here legally? I don’t understand.
RUSH: Because it’s easier to get here illegally. They can get here illegally and they can earn more here than they can in Mexico.

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