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RUSH: Now, I was just talking about spending. I have a radical idea. You know all this complaining that’s going on out there about the dafycit. (Jim Sasser pronunciation of ‘deficit.’) ‘The deficit’s too high!’ All these things are cyclical, and they repeat. Now we gotta do something about the deficit. People get all worried about it. You get all worried about it. ‘Ooh, the deficit! Oh, my God! What’s going to happen to interest rates, oh, the national debt, the Chinese own it all, ohhhh’, and you just keep churning out there. Well, I can eliminate the deficit and create a surplus overnight. I can tell you how to do it. It’s radical. It would never happen, but I can tell you how to do it. If I were in charge, I would do it. The Democrats just announced their new budget, $2.9 trillion, a figure we cannot conceive. The human mind cannot conceive that amount of money. Yet, with the introduction of every new budget figure, there are cuts, ‘Draconian cuts.’ Kids are going to starve at school! By the way, we’re adding a school dinner program now in addition to school lunch and school breakfast. No, it’s not a joke. I’ve got it somewhere here in the stack. I’ll try to find it. School dinner in Hoboken, New Jersey.

At any rate, the budget is $2.9 trillion. All we would have to do to eliminate the deficit is cut spending to 2.6 trillion, and shazam, instead of a deficit we have a surplus. ‘Well, Rush, we can’t do that.’ Yes, we most certainly could. We won’t, but we most certainly could cut spending from $2.9 to $2.6 trillion. It’s in there, all this redundancy and stuff. They say it’s all bottled up in entitlements. It’s in there and we could do it. Why, we can cut back everywhere else, folks. We can cut back on trans-fats. Why, we can ban trans-fats! Why, we can cut back on smoking. We can ban smoking. We can cut back on everything. We can cut down on eating food, any number of things that we can do. The global warming people are telling us we’ve gotta cut back on our lifestyle. We’ve gotta cut back our carbon footprint. We’ve gotta drive smaller cars. We’ve gotta cut back. They keep telling us we’ve got to cut back. Government’s the only place that can’t cut back? It’s a tough sell because so many people are dependent on government. Over half the population gets some sort of a check from the government every month. That’s by design, by the way. People look at the government with a reverence, ‘Oh, we can’t cut government. Well, where would we be without the government?’

Nobody is suggesting we eliminate it! The idea that it is the one entity that’s exempt from cutting back, is absurd.

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