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RUSH: Ruth Ann in Bloomington, Indiana, you’re next on the EIB Network. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Yes. It’s nice to talk to you, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious that this restaurant meeting with the president, ex-president was just fine, and you did predict what the media would say or whoever encountered you. I think that was funny, and that was very intuitive of you to know that. I mean you’ve been in the public eye for awhile. You know what’s going on. I have one other comment.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: Our young people… You know, we live in a liberal town, and of course IU, Indiana University is here, and we have a lot of students that, I don’t know how active they are on campus with the Republican Party, but it would be well for all of our young people to take a better interest in our political process and know exactly what the Bill of Rights are, as you have explained. I think too many people are just ignorant of what we have and how fortunate we are.

RUSH: You are absolutely right about that. That’s largely not a problem of the people, the students. It’s a problem of the curricula in modern public education. Even when you get to the academy, academe, the institution of higher learning, the agendas that are part of the curriculum are not oriented toward the history of this country, not oriented toward our greatness. Yeah, parents are on the hook for this, too. Parents need to make sure what their kids are learning. I actually think that the conservative kids, the young conservative students out there are learning these things independently, because they’re showing up. Look at how many Rush Babies there are that are now getting into college. You have a foundation, and they’re able to tell when they’re facing an agenda-oriented professor. We hear from them all the time. I think that kids on the left, they’re happy to be indoctrinated. They’re happy to have what they’ve been taught at home confirmed. It makes them less uncomfortable.

I’m optimistic that there’s a renaissance that’s going to happen in education. The places I’m pessimistic are in the current population, which seems to me so gullible, so ignorant, so susceptible to propaganda in the Drive-By Media and the propaganda of Algore’s movie and so forth. That’s a whole ‘nother ball game, and partly it’s education. Partly it’s emotions and feelings and a number of other things. But we keep plugging away, and I still say that things are different and better in this country than they were in 1988 when we started. As long as I’m here and as long as we’re all here together as a big, big family, growing, influencing even more and more people, we can continue to have success, but it requires me to continue to be here.


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