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RUSH: This is Lynn in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor to speak to you, and I am apoplectic about this immigration bill. I agree with you a thousand percent. Do you realize, Rush, that former ace prosecutor Rudy Giuliani couldn’t properly vet out Bernie Kerik for Homeland Security advisor, but we are expected to believe that 12 million illegal aliens from countries replete with corruption which keep no verifiable legitimate record whatsoever —

RUSH: I think it was the president that couldn’t vet Bernie Kerik. I mean, Rudy knew.

CALLER: Well, that’s true. That’s true, with all respect to —

RUSH: But your overall point, I agree with you. Where is the belief that a brand-new bureaucracy, an inefficient bureaucracy is going to be able to do something that it can’t do anywhere else? We had the Fort Dix Six. We had the Fort Dix Six. They’re here. They’re plotting terrorism. If it weren’t for an informant, we wouldn’t have the slightest idea.

CALLER: But where are we going for these background checks? I mean presumably to the consulates of these countries and the officials in these countries who are corrupt from the word go.

RUSH: We’re going to relax that. We’re going to relax that. You watch. They’re going to slough that off on the employer. The employer is going to do it. But it’s going to prove too onerous; it’s going to prove too costly; it’s going to cost businesses money. Look , it’s an amnesty program. There’s not one thing in this bill that’s redeeming.

CALLER: I agree. It’s an absurdity. It’s absolutely treasonous insofar as I’m concerned, and I also thought that I heard — I don’t want to misquote him — Tony Snow yesterday allude to the fact that they’ve committed felonies by virtue of obtaining fraudulent documents to the extent that they have here, and I thought that that in itself was a bar to citizenship. So I don’t know how that hurdle is going to be overcome.

RUSH: Well, don’t get me going on any of this because we’ll be talking here ’til the program ends and we won’t have time for commercials.

CALLER: Well, we’re counting on you, Rush. That’s all I want to say.

RUSH: But obtaining fraudulent documents is going to still happen. It does now. What enforcement measure is going to stop it? There’s going to be no incentive to stop it, is the point. Once your objective is to make it as easy as possible for these people to get legal, what’s the incentive to stop it? What’s the incentive to man the border? What’s the incentive to shore up all the holes in it? I mean, you’ve taken the incentive away! That’s not the objective of this. That’s just in there to try to placate people, but people like you are too wise and smart. You’re not going to be bought. You’re not going to be fooled by it. The objective here is to get these people as legal as soon as they can possibly get it done.

CALLER: You’re exactly right. I don’t know what there is for the rest of us to do, but that’s exactly the right conclusion.

RUSH: That’s the real troubling thing: what to do. If this were the Dubai Ports Deal, they listened to you on the Dubai Port Deal. By the way, Halliburton’s CEO moving to Dubai soon to set up operations. I have that story in the stack. I love those two words: Halliburton and Dubai. Remember the Dubai Ports deal? You people were livid, and on Capitol Hill the Republicans and Democrats were in a race to see who could first get to the finish line to take credit for stopping it. There’s been just as much outrage over this whole immigration philosophy, but in this case, they say, ‘You don’t know enough to really have an informed opinion about this. We here in Washington know best what’s going on in this deal, and you’re just going to have to live with it.’ Wait ’til the Republicans — I mean it’s going to show up in the primaries, and McCain is big on this. He was involved in the first effort to get this done. You just watch the primaries. See if this doesn’t put up a huge roadblock for him. The desire to go out and please this constituency of 12, whatever it is, million illegals, and ignore the people who have voted for you and supported you, I can’t explain this, folks. Don’t ask me. I cannot give you an answer, other than arrogance and the usual answers. It doesn’t make sense, which is why I can’t explain it. I’m not good talking about things that don’t make sense, other than liberalism because I have that down pat.


RUSH: I’m looking at a picture on the Fox News Channel right now. It’s Senator Kennedy, and they’re all excited up there in the Senate. They’re celebrating this deal that they’ve made now. The Senate has come to an agreement on granting legal status as quickly as possible to 12 million — and standing right behind his right shoulder is Senator McCain. When this picture gets out, Republican primary voters are going to see this, and Senator McCain is going to have what I predicted mere moments ago on this very program: a problem. This is not something… Here’s Ted Kennedy out there. He’s taking the credit. ‘This is great!’ He’s the guy that’s happy on this, and any Republican that’s in that same picture is going to have problems. (interruption) Who doesn’t look good? No, he doesn’t. He’s not happy, McCain, but he’s there. He doesn’t have to be there. He could be in the group, but not in the camera range. They know where the camera is and where it isn’t. But Ken Salazar is standing behind Senator Kennedy’s left shoulder. McCain looks like he’s frowning now. He’s looking like he has a question in his mind. Somebody could have said something to him. It’s tough to judge this. I can’t hear. I’m not listening to what’s being said.

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