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RUSH: The time is zipping by here, folks. I got a e-mail sent to me by Roy Spencer, our friend at the University of Alabama Birmingham, the global climatologist, specialist. This is about alternative fuels, and it is from the EETimes.com. It’s a high-tech bunch of people at their website. ‘An EE professor at Purdue University has found a way to produce hydrogen that replaces the need for gasoline by mixing water with beads of an aluminum-gallium alloy. The discovery could lead to engines that essentially burn water, instead of gasoline, since the gallium is not consumed in the reaction and the aluminum can be recycled.’ I have always thought this would happen. When he sent me this story, I remember debating with a kid back in junior high school (his first name was Kerry) that someday our cars are going to run on water. He was trying to tell me how that’s impossible.

You need internal combustion. You cannot get water to explode. You can’t get water to burn.’

I said, ‘You wait. At some point, we’re going to have vehicles that actually run on water.’

Now, I don’t know how close we are here, but Roy Spencer sent me this, and they’re working on it at Purdue University. Now, water, that’s something we have all over. We have gobs of that. In fact, you wouldn’t even need a gas station. If you run out of water in your car, and you can’t find a water station, just relieve yourself. Well, that’s going to be a problem, because here’s the thing. If we go to water, we’ll have an unlimited supply. But do you want to look at the cost of gasoline versus water? The cost a gallon of water? Do you realize how much more expensive bottled water is than gasoline today? So I’m telling you, folks, where this is all heading. Big Water is going to end up developing engines that run on water, and the price isn’t going to come down. You know, you’ll still be able to get water from the kitchen sink. That’s cheaper than the bottled water.


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