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RUSH: Paul Wolfowitz, head honcho at the World Bank, was forced to resign because of a relationship he had with a feminist Arab Muslim. His ‘girlfriend.’ He’s very conservative. Wolfowitz embarrassed these guys. You think that these kinds of, quote, unquote, ‘relationships’ don’t happen at the World Bank in other offices or at the United Nations? Let me tell you why Wolfowitz is being sent out of there. Wolfowitz is being sent out of there because A, he was a conservative, and he was put there by Bush. Secondly, Wolfowitz, when he got to the World Bank, said, ‘You know what? The salad days are over. If you are a corrupt institution of government, you’re not getting World Bank money.’ You don’t tell the corrupt that they gotta clean up. You get the guy that’s going to make you clean up out of there — and they’ve just been waiting. They’ve just been waiting for their chance and this is it. But the interesting thing about this to me is, where are the NAGs? Where’s the National Association of Gals? Where are the billions and billions and billions of feminists out there? Where are the ten to 20 feminazis that are out there? Where are the protests? Where are the TV appearances? Where are the op-eds?

Shaha Riza is the name of Wolfowitz’s ‘girlfriend,’ and she’s been violated by a pack of old white European males. Shaha Ali Riza is the companion of Paul Wolfowitz. She might be called the lover, significant other, main squeeze, whatever, and she is disdainfully referred to as his ‘girlfriend.’ Girlfriend? She’s in her mid-fifties! Girlfriend? She has a master’s degree from Oxford’s Anthony College. She speaks English, Arabic, French, Italian, Turkish. Girlfriend? We’re not supposed to call women girls, not in a professional capacity. Try it on your own in private and see what happens, but in this kind of thing you’re not supposed to do it. She was a rising star at the World Bank long before Wolfowitz became president there. There’s utter silence from the feminists over this achieved, accomplished woman being denigrated with the term ‘girlfriend,’ and she’s going to get thrown out of there, too. She’s been tarred and feathered here, all because they say he gave her a little promotion that she shouldn’t have gotten because he had the power to do it, and was the ‘boyfriend.’ Hey, Kofi Annan, the Oil-for-Food program? He was allowed to get out of there with his reputation intact. But Kofi Annan hated Bush. So that’s cool.

In fact, that’s good.

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