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RUSH: Have you seen the pictures on the Drudge page of Algore and his office and his little mansion there in Nashville? Folks, if you haven’t seen this picture, you gotta go look at it. He’s telling the rest of us how to live our lives; telling all the rest of us how we have to cut back on our carbon footprint; telling everybody what we’ve gotta do to eliminate all the pollution and so forth, while he’s doing the exact opposite. He’s shown there sitting at his desk. He’s got three huge flat panel computer monitors. He has a flat screen TV hanging on the wall, all of them are turned on, all of them sucking energy. Look at how crowded and busy the desk is with all of that paper. You know how many trees had to be cut down to make all of that paper? The only people who need three 30-inch monitors turned on at the same time are people like me, radio hosts, stockbrokers, and the men and women at the CIA’s op center. But a guy like Gore does not need all this, plus, he’s made a big deal about the windows being open, the air-conditioning turned off, saving energy that way. Of course, this picture was taken, I don’t know when it was taken, but the amount of heat being produced by all that equipment’s gotta be a lot. That room he’s in must be a sauna. No wonder he’s losing all that weight. Look at all he’s got going on. That’s the image of that picture. Look at what Algore has going on. Anyway, when you look at the picture, this from the guy who wants us to unplug all of our cell phone chargers when we’re not using them.


RUSH: One more little thing here based on the story I have in the Stack of Stuff today about Algore. A true visionary, right? Algore is said to be the creator and inventor of the Internet and a visionary on a number of things, a man who sees the future. And what did he do? He went out there and he made a huge deal about wiring all the schools for Internet. And when did he do it? Right before Wi-fi came along, right before wireless networks came along. It wasn’t necessary to wire all the schools. The wiring of the schools has been rendered pretty much — well, maybe it’s not irrelevant because a story from the UK Telegraph: ‘Wi-fi risks in schools ‘must be reviewed’ — The head of Britain’s leading health watchdog today urgently calls for a review of potential health risks linked to wireless internet networks in schools. Sir William Stewart, the chairman of the Health Protection Agency (HPA), spoke after emissions at a school were found to be three times those from a mobile phone mast. The Stewart report concluded that while there was no current proof of health dangers, some studies suggested possible risks and that precautions should be taken with children because they are more vulnerable to radio frequency radiation emissions than adults.’

Now, ladies and gentlemen, do you understand something? Do you know how many radio waves are bombarding us on a daily basis? Let’s see you live in New York. The television stations, the radio stations, every one of them is broadcasting radio waves. Your brain just doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to understand it. That’s why you need a radio. It’s why you need a television. In addition to that, who knows what other kind of broadcast — or nonbroadcast — you’ve got the cops, you’ve got the fire department — I mean it’s limitless. The number of times, number of gazillions of radio waves that you are being — cell phone radio — from the cell tower, not from your phone. We’re being hit with these radio waves like you can’t believe. It’s been happening since radio was invented. Now all of the wi-fi , with no evidence whatsoever, is going to pose a tremendous health risk to our children.

‘Philip Parkin, general secretary of the Professional Association of Teachers, said: ‘I think schools and parents will be very worried about it. I am asking for schools to consider very carefully whether they should be installing wi-fi networks.” And it even says here, ‘Radio waves and other non-ionising radiations have been part of our lives for a century or more and if such effects were occurring then damage or other untoward effects would have been recorded and studied.’ So once again, just a great example of how they’re just trying to get you all worked up, ‘Your kids are going to die. Your kids going to get sick, wi-fi , wireless Internet, all the other radio waves — no damage, it’s something about wi-fi.’


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