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RUSH: There’s a column here. I don’t know who this is, V. B. Price. This is in the Albuquerque Tribune. ‘Why is giving women equality such a threat to George Will and Rush Limbaugh?’ Well, I’ll tell you where he gets this in just a second as I read relevant excerpts from this piece.

‘If you said to someone like columnist George Will or radio personality Rush Limbaugh, ‘You must really hate women if you feel that negatively about feminism,’ they’d deny it to their dying breaths. But Will doesn’t think women’s rights are important enough for a constitutional amendment, nor does he think that such an amendment would do much good anyway.’ Well, Will is right. We’re talking about the Equal Rights Amendment. ”And what mature person thinks the Constitution should be cluttered up with consciousness-raising pieties or affirmations, on the theory that, by some mysterious causality, the social climate will be improved?’ Will asked in a recent column.’ Let’s get to me. ‘I wonder if Will, often the conservatives’ most rational commentator, would see himself as belonging in the same general category of moronic women-haters as Rush Limbaugh? On a recent radio diatribe, Limbaugh gives mouth to the core brutality and idiocy of women-hating in certain circles of far-right America. Limbaugh blasts feminists while grousing and lamenting how hard it is for him to find a good, old-fashioned gal anymore to cook and clean and genuflect for him.’ I have never done that. Those women are not hard to find, trust me. But I have a staff that does all that, which I have not hidden. We’re talking about the accuracy of Mr. V. B. Price. (Laughing) Snerdley is in there, ‘No, you didn’t say that.’ Yes, I did.

I blast feminists because they’re liberal. Feminism is liberal. It screwed women up as I was coming of age in my early twenties. It made a mess out of women; made a mess out of men, who didn’t know what they were supposed to do. It changed naturally defined roles and behaviors and basically they’re trying to change human nature, which they can’t do. ‘It seems impossible to understand why women are such a fearful danger to them. But such opinions never seem to go away. Getting rid of them is as tedious and nasty as trying to scrape dog doo off the bottom of your shoes.’ So George Will and I are dog doo to V. B. Price at the Albuquerque Tribune. I have never, ever — those women are not hard to find, trust me, folks, that’s not the problem with feminism.

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