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RUSH: Here is Janet. Janet has been on the phone call for a while holding. I appreciate it. Northport, Florida and you’re next. Welcome.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. My worry continues to be those Arkansas grifters getting back in the White House. And I know you’ve said, when it comes to time to panic, you’ll tell us. So I trust you on that.

RUSH: It’s time to panic. It’s time. As we sit here today, there’s an 80% that Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States.

CALLER: Well, if that’s the case, we are in trouble.

RUSH: Well, we got a lot going on out there, it’s time to panic and by panic I mean, you know, don’t take anything for granted out there.

RUSH: Well, I’m concerned. In April, I was doing some research on this immigration thing, and in April, Mrs. Bill Clinton hired — I think it’s Raul Yzaguirre. He’s the long-time president of that anti-American radical illegal immigration group La Raza.

RUSH: You know what that stands for, by the way, do you know Spanish?

CALLER: No, I don’t.

RUSH: It’s, ‘The race.’

CALLER: The race, okay.

RUSH: La Raza. We’re not talking about the gumball rally here.

CALLER: Well, she’s hired him to cochair her national campaign and then also to head her Hispanic outreach program. So this is the group that had total veto power over this bill last week, and they’re the ones, this La Raza and their other organizations under them, they want to reclaim the western United States and they want total rights for illegals, and so if she is to win in ’08, will this militant radical racist Yzaguirre, will he head her immigration department and then —

RUSH: I don’t know about that.

CALLER: — be working for Mexico?

RUSH: But look, La Raza was in the room with the Democrats, and the La Raza representative had veto rights over their ideas in this. Now, as I asked last week, can you imagine if the Republican senators wanted to meet with Big Oil and give them veto power over energy legislation? Can you imagine the fur that would be flying out there over this? That’s exactly what happened. But, look, La Raza is just another of the multiple Democrat constituency — big labor, and all the different unions in big labor. You’ve got the feminists; you have the civil rights coalition which is the Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton; the Ralph Neas types, People for the American Way; you’ve got the wacko environmentalists, and you’ve got this group, La Raza. That’s not even all of them, but these are the people that make up the coalition that is the Democrat Party. That’s just another tip-off as to who really benefits from this, and who wants it to pass. You can call this, as I have, the Comprehensive Destruction of the Republican Party Act of 2007. You could also call this the Comprehensive Import More Democrats Act of 2007, because that’s also what this is.

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