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RUSH: Joe in Falls Church, Virginia, nice to have you, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Rush, what a privilege and an honor. Dittos.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Very nice of you to say, and I appreciate that.

CALLER: Look, I was flipping through channels this morning, and came across Scarborough Country, and I think it’s Bob Abrams who was filling in for Joe Scarborough.

RUSH: That would be Dan Abrams.

CALLER: Dan Abrams?

RUSH: Yeah, there’s not a Bob Abrams at PMSNBC.

CALLER: But the reason I stopped it is because there you were with Barack Obama with the frequency spectrum superimposed on the bottom of the screen playing ‘Barack, the ‘Magic Negro,” and you talk about arrogance, Abrams is… argh!

RUSH: Look, let me explain it. I didn’t see it last night. I had enough people tell me about it that I went and got a transcript of it, and I appreciate your getting upset about this. Here’s what is amazing to me about this. This is the thing to learn. Their report last night was actually a thing that was spawned by a Today Show report that aired yesterday, and the Today Show report and what happened last night exposes the total dishonesty and lack of professionalism that is creeping into NBC News. When the Today Show called us Friday afternoon and said they wanted to do this, we sent them reams, we gave them a special website link that they could go educate themselves on everything about this from beginning to end. We gave them the sound bites of Al Sharpton saying no big deal, Barack Obama saying it was dumb, we gave the original column from the Los Angeles Times where the term ‘magic negro’ was thrown into the public domain. They ignored it all. They even went out, they talked to Michael Medved in Seattle to get one voice opposing their take on it, and they didn’t use any of the interview that they conducted with him.

Now, here’s what gets me about this. This whole thing came from this website called Media Matters for America. The Drive-By Media, NBC, Dan Abrams, the Today show people, everybody, CNN, they rely on this religiously to ‘find out’ what happens on this program. They don’t listen to this program. Dan Abrams didn’t listen to this program. He doesn’t know what happened here. His source is Media Matters for America and maybe a couple newspaper columns. Dan Abrams knows, and so does everybody else at NBC and CNN, that Media Matters is a Hillary, George Soros, DNC front group. They know it has no intellectual integrity. They know that it exists to smear people who question the Democrats, and yet they bring on one of its hacks to talk about a conservative with little or no exposition about the hack. The hack is presented as an expert. The Media Matters guy is an all-knowing expert. Nobody’s ever heard of him. He’s never accomplished anything. He’s just a hack working for a front group for the Democrat Party and they know this, and yet they continue to do this. It underscores completely their dishonesty. They were not interested in our take on this. And our take is the take! I mean, we are the record on this. I am the record on the whole ‘Barack, the ‘Magic Negro” parody and why and how it came about. That’s ignored. I am the record. They try to rewrite the record and make the record what Media Matters says, and they know that this has happened, and yet they do it. It underscores how completely in the back pocket of the Democrat Party that Dan Abrams and MSNBC, anybody who works there or at CNN is. They are totally in the back pocket of the Democrat Party.

There was nothing professional about this thing. It was kind of funny as I’m reading the transcript, John Fund was on there, and Dan Abrams said, ‘Why is Limbaugh getting away with this? Is he too big to bring down on something like this?’ And Fund kept saying, ‘Well, where is the outrage? There’s no story.’ This is two and a half months old. What’s your peg? There’s no story. There’s no outrage. Where’s the outrage? There never has been any outrage over this, and that’s what this piece was about, is trying to drum up some outrage. They’re trying to create the outrage that doesn’t exist so that they can maybe take somebody else out and put a notch in their belt, and they’re doing this fully knowledgeable that they are working hand in hand with a Democrat Party front group. This Media Matters bunch is practically the producer for all of MSNBC. If it weren’t for Media Matters, MSNBC would lose 80% of its programming. Now, the difference is, when I comment on MSNBC, or when I comment on CNN or comment on the New York Times, I watch it. I don’t read a conservative website to tell me what happened there. We don’t read some media watchdog site, find out what somebody else heard or read in the New York Times or on one of these cable networks. I watch this stuff. It’s painful, but I watch the stuff.

Do you think they listen to this program? If they had listened, if they’d gone to my website that we gave them, if they’d read 10% of what we gave them they would have known there was no story. But they wanted to do the story. It was written before they called us; the story was produced before they called us. They’re hacks. The Drive-By Media has become a full-fledged partner with the Democrat Party. It was sort of laughable last night. Where’s the outrage? There’s no story here. Fund kept trying to tell ’em, ‘You guys, there’s no story.’ And finally somebody said to the Media Matters hack, ‘You think Limbaugh ought to be fired?’ ‘No, but I think Vice President Cheney should stop going on his show. And I think high-ranking government officials should stop appearing on his show. The man is a racist and a pig,’ and this sort of stuff. They didn’t even understand that the parody is about Al Sharpton. They didn’t even understand it’s a riff on Sharpton. John Fund tried to tell ’em that and that kind of silenced ’em for a while. Well, didn’t silence them, you could see it surprised them a little bit. The whole thing has been misconstrued and misunderstood. These people are dense, they really are dense. They’re totally guided by their ideological templates, and their templates right now are ‘destroy conservative talk radio.’ Because it is the most democratic forum out there, and it’s effective ’cause we connect with you. You are more informed and, by the way, there are Pew Research surveys to show this.

You, in this audience, are the most informed audience in media, by virtue of what Pew Research says. You have more knowledge of what’s going on out there, because you listen to this program, because so many different things are discussed, things that never appear in the Drive-By Media. I guarantee you, outside the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported it, nobody else will do a story on John Edwards taking 55 grand from UC Davis, a public institution, for a speech on poverty. The story we shared with you coming out of Baghdad, boy tortured by Al-Qaeda, you’re not going to hear that story anywhere, doesn’t fit the template. You’re not going to learn what bad guys the enemy happen to be.

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