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RUSH: The Democrats pretty much caved in on their demand for a withdrawal date from Iraq. The Democrats have retreated from retreat. They remind me of the French. They have surrendered from surrender. This is amazing to watch. I predicted to you yesterday that this would cause the fur to fly out there on the Democrat kook fringe websites. Wait ’til you hear perhaps the greatest illustration of my knowledge. I know these people, folks. I know them like every square inch of my glorious naked body, not just the back of my hand. Wait ’til you hear what happened on the Democrat Underground. Here’s the post. Just read the post, Democrat Underground, explaining what happened here about why the Democrats caved and why they retreated from retreat.

‘We all know that Republicans have the ability and the technology and the infrastructure to have easily stolen the elections in ’06 as they had the previous elections. That ’06 elections went too smooth for us. We skated in. Today, we’re seeing the Republican machinations bear fruit. This is what they wanted to happen. Give the Democrats control, lose on purpose, don’t steal this election, give the Democrats control, then just pull their unitary executive BS, stonewalling and lying as stall tactics.’ What this guy is saying is that the Republicans threw the election in ’06, didn’t steal it, let the Democrats win because Bush and Rove knew that the Democrats would cave on pulling troops out of Iraq, and to make the Democrats look bad. It says, ‘Don’t believe me? These are serious people. Don’t believe me? It’s not hard to find posts on the freeper board saying that we Democrats own this war now because we’re the ones who can stop it and we won’t. Nancy and Harry have played directly into Bush-Rove’s hands, or they’ve been complicit in the whole thing all along. Either way, by failing to take any action to rein in the out of control dictator Bush, we really, really do own this war, just as Bush Company planned.’ There are a lot of support posts telling this guy how brilliant he is for coming up with this novel and unique theory to explain why the Republicans threw the elections in ’06. (Laughing.) Ah, you gotta love these people. It is embarrassing that we lost an election to this clown and his bunch, but he thinks we purposely didn’t steal it just to make the Democrats look bad.

By the way, MoveOn.org, just a few weeks ago, thinks they own the House majority. They sent an open letter to Nancy Pelosi and the gang, had this thread in it. ‘If Democrats appear to capitulate to Bush — which they’ve now done — passing a bill without measures to end the war, the unity that Democrats have enjoyed and Democrat leadership has so expertly built will immediately disappear.’ So Move On, some weeks ago, threatened to totally walk away if the Democrats let them down. The Democrats have let them down. If you go to some of these places and read, it will be some of the funniest stuff that you’ve exposed yourself to in a long time.


RUSH: John in Yuma, Arizona. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Great to talk to you again.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I need to disagree with you a little bit about this Iraq war.

RUSH: This is always a risk —

CALLER: (Laughing.)

RUSH: — when callers try to disagree with me, but I appreciate the confidence that you bring to this, so go ahead.

CALLER: This Iraq war funding bill, I don’t believe that the Democrats caved on the timetables for withdrawal at all. I believe that was the plan all along, and the only reason they really did put that in there in the first place was to pander to their base. They knew it would never go through, and it would take the emphasis off of the fact that they put a minimum wage hike in the bill.

RUSH: I can understand your thinking on this, that the Democrats knew all along that they never had a chance of withdrawing the troops out of there, and this was just a sneaky backdoor way to get the minimum wage increase in.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Well, it’s a nice try.

CALLER: (Laughing.)

RUSH: It’s a nice try. But this was not about getting a minimum wage bill signed by President Bush. I just have to tell you. They won the election, they came out, they think they’ve got this big mandate to get us out, they tried and tried and tried and they couldn’t get it done, and in the process — and this is something that we all should learn — if you’re going to go out and you’re going to kill the king — and that’s what they were trying to do here, was kill Bush. They wanted Bush to essentially surrender and give defeat to the country so that he would be blamed for it. If you set out to kill the king like this, you better succeed because they got their supporters all revved up. Their supporters believed that they intended to get the troops out. That’s the only thing their supporters cared about. Minimum wage, ah, it’s hunky-dory, that’s not a big deal to their supporters. It’s down the priority list. Getting the troops out, ending the war, that’s what their fringe kook base is all about, and they have been hung out to dry here. If you go read what these people are writing, it’s hilarious. They are fit to be tied. They think their party’s been snookered again by Rove. They think, in large numbers, that Bush and Rove purposely threw the elections of 2006 by not stealing them. (Laughing.) We Republicans decided we weren’t going to steal the election — (Laughing.) To think they believe it! They believe it. I’m telling you, they’re fit to be tied out there, and they’re not going to be mollified by minimum wage bill. Republicans support that anyway. That was going to happen somewhere down the line. That’s not a big achievement.


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