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“I don’t believe George W. Bush will leave office with the Iranians in possession of a nuclear weapon.”

“The Democrats pretty much caved in on their demand for a withdrawal date from Iraq. The Democrats have retreated from retreat. They remind me of the French. They have surrendered from surrender. This is amazing to watch.”

“They have all this dramatic talk about alternative fuels and so forth, which is a pipe dream. There’s nothing down the road that’s anywhere near something that’s going to solve whatever problem we have. But I find it interesting they want to sue OPEC and not Big Oil. This is, again, something that will go nowhere.”

“This cat, as I’ve told you — this gets me in trouble when I say this — but this little cat has taught me more about women than practically anything else in my life.”

“Make no mistake, Senator Kennedy and the Democrats that want this bill want it because they need a new pool of victims, they need a new pool of dependents, and they need a new pool of voters”

“What percentage of agriculture jobs do you believe are held by illegal immigrants? Let’s round it off and say 25%. That means that 75% of the people working in agriculture are Americans. Which means what? It means they’re willing to do those jobs, does it not?”

“Female sharks can fertilize themselves. We’ve all known this for a long time. Hillary had Chelsea.”

“MoveOn.org, some weeks ago, threatened to totally walk away if the Democrats let them down. The Democrats have let them down.”

“My experience with the Drive-By Media is that once one of them reports something, they all pick up on it, the same theme — and I just don’t trust it.”

“Almost a third of young American Muslims support homicide bombings, according toa Pew poll.”

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