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RUSH: President Bush speaking in New London, Connecticut. Does that name ring a bell, the name of that town, New London, Connecticut? That’s where the Supreme Court’s eminent domain decision took private property away from a poor person to give it to rich corporations to increase the tax base. He’s there because he’s releasing the details, declassified some Al-Qaeda intelligence, which bolsters the administration’s contention that Al-Qaeda wants to use Iraq as a staging area to launch terrorist attacks around the world, including here in the United States.

Fran Townsend, who is the White House homeland security advisor, said the information was declassified because the intelligence community’s tracked down all the leads from the administration. ABC has also run a story today. I have a real question. When is the Department of Justice going to get serious about tracking down these leaks? You’ve seen the story that Bush has authorized a new covert action against Iran. This is our old buddy Brian Ross at ABC News. ‘The CIA has received secret presidential approval…’ well, it isn’t secret anymore. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice and everybody else, the Democrats, are obsessed with Alberto Gonzales and the firing of the US attorneys.

This is really harmful, damaging stuff and if there is no attempt to find the leakers… and we know the leakers are in the CIA; and we know the leakers are in the Pentagon, the state department; we know there’s a bunch of Clinton holdovers in there. Maybe not even Clinton holdovers, just a bunch of libs who have been trying to undermine this administration’s foreign policy for six years. Instead, they go after Scooter Libby and Karl Rove on a non-story with the Valerie Plame leak and just ignore this kind of stuff. If they ignore this, the leakers are going to be emboldened to keep on. This is totally about sabotaging whatever plans that we have and, of course, alerting the mullahs.

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