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RUSH: CBS revealed on Wednesday that ‘Intelligence operatives in the US and its allied nations have sold Iran flawed technological components in an attempt to sabotage the country’s nuclear enrichment program, CBS News revealed Wednesday evening. In January 2007, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, Vice-President Gholamreza Aghazadeh, said after an explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility (the first Iranian plant to attempt enrichment) that some of the equipment had been ‘manipulated.’ The explosion destroyed 50 of the plant’s centrifuges. Other evidence has indicated that sabotage was the reason for some of the technical problems Iran has encountered in its enrichment enterprise. Sources told CBS intelligence agencies have altered technical data, making it ‘useless.”

Well, thanks for telling them CBS. Thanks. Somebody’s leaking this stuff and the Department of Justice is making, as far as we can tell, no effort to find out who. I f they don’t make any effort to find out who, it is going to continue. If there are no consequence for doing this, they will continue to leak this stuff. That’s one side of it. The other side of it is, what side are you on here, CBS? What side are you on ABC? I’ll never forget the first Gulf War. The bombing started and you had Bernard Shaw and John Holliman in the Al-Rashid Hotel when the bombing started. They were reporting from there and they were quaking in their boots. Finally, the U.S. military got them out of there and brought them back to the United States. The story goes that the CIA and other military people asked to debrief them. Bernard said, ‘I’m not going to tell you what happened. I would compromise my journalistic integrity and my principles as a journalist. We can’t choose sides.’ Can’t choose sides?

When your own country is at war, you can’t choose sides because that is to confound journalistic ethics? Where do they think the library of their freedom exists? It exists in the U.S. Constitution. First amendment, freedom of the press. Anyway, here is CBS and ABC now, both in one week, with publishing stories that clearly damage ongoing efforts to limit the ability of the Iranians to actually ratchet up nuclear program. Now, I’m going to make a wild guess. I want to tell you upfront and stipulate that this is a wild guess. On this CBS story, there are people in Congress who probably have been told about this program to somehow finagle damage and sabotage components to the Iranian nuclear program, through the Iranian regime. If that’s true, wouldn’t surprise me, we’ll probably never know. Wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of Democrats staffers leaked this stuff to CBS in order to sabotage Bush administration policy. If that’s true, and again, I’m just engaging here an educated yet wild guess. A staffer, could have been somebody who is elected, I don’t know. We know that senators have leaked. Patrick Leahy has leaked. That is why his nickname is Senator Depends. Senator Leaky Leahy.

The bottom line is this, I think that everybody is trying to make sense of why in the world the Democrats are going bonkers over Gonzales, the attorney general, when he didn’t do anything wrong. Throw aside whether or not you think he is competent or not. He didn’t break any law. There was no aspect of the firing of those eight U.S. attorneys that was illegal. Well, now that we see what’s happening here, if I’m right about this in my wild guess, they’re going after Gonzales and going after Gonzales, because if there is a desire on the department of justice, the DOJ, to try to find out who is leaking this stuff, the Democrats can say, ‘This is payback. Nothing more than witch hunting payback to try to discredit any investigation to find out who is leaking this stuff.’ That’s what my wild guess is.

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