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RUSH: You may have seen it or heard about it already. It is an AP story and it is this: ‘U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Decline.’ Now, wait. I know a lot of people are, ‘Oh, wow, this is going to seal the doom of the global warning extremists.’ Not so fast, ladies and gentlemen. ‘A mild winter followed by a cool summer caused U.S. carbon dioxide emissions to decline last year.’ Mild winter. Cool summer. Carbon dioxide emissions decline. This is according to the energy department.
‘The results were hailed by the White House as support for its global warming policies.’ Now, this is a dangerous game here, folks, because the story is what it is. There is no question. However, we are not dealing with honest people in a political way. We are dealing with religious fanatics who are perpetrating a religious hoax, and that is global warming. I doubt that they are going to be able to get away with it, but I wouldn’t put it past them to try say, ‘See, our policies are already working. Our carbon off-set policies are working. We have encouraged people for years to reduce their carbon footprints. Changing to the incandescent light bulbs is working. People driving hybrids is working.’ That is what they are going to say.

Keep in mind these are stats from last year, 2006. So, people would have had to be making massive changes in their carbon footprints. It’s not possible for human behavior to cause this. No matter what we do, we cannot come close to replicating the amount of carbon dioxide the natural resources on this earth exhibit and put out themselves. But I just want to warn you, when you look at this good news, this is ripe for the religious fanatics that are global warming people to spin this in their favor.

Also, the snowiest spring on Pike’s Peak in Colorado in a decade has occurred this spring. Barr Camp recorded 231 inches of snow this winter. It only saw 50 inches of snow in 2006. This, of course, will also be blamed on global warming and so forth. This just goes together with all of the headline we gave you yesterday, the 21 deaths due to the cold in South Africa. All over sub-Sahara and Africa, they have a cold wave. Australia, too. It’s driving people nuts. It’s one of the coldest periods this time of year the southern hemisphere has had in many, many, many moons.

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