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RUSH: I was just looking out the windows facing north here from the EIB Southern Command broadcast complex during the break. Across the road from where we are there’s a school. It looks like it’s a grade school or middle school. (interruption) It’s an elementary school? Thank you, Dawn. We go out there and look at what they’re doing. The kids are always out there playing at recess. They play lacrosse. They play softball. They have a little ball diamond out there. It’s a nice school. But I just saw something that, well, I don’t care about. I think it’s great, but if the social services people hear about this, which I guess they will now, there might be a problem with it.

The kids are out playing kickball. It’s like baseball but the teacher rolls the ball in and the kid stands at home plate, kicks it, and then runs around the bases unless somebody catches it, then they’re out. Right there between the pitcher’s mound and second base, there’s a young boy in a wheelchair. Now, I think it’s great that they get the kid out there in a wheelchair; let him enjoy it. But you know the little hands-on liberals in this country that want to protect everybody from any potential danger. Imagine if someone runs into that kid chasing a ball. Imagine if someone kicks the ball, hits him, can’t defend himself, he’s in a wheelchair. They do have a teacher standing behind him at the wheelchair. Not in front of him. I was just stunned to see this. I thought someplace as socially conscious and advanced as South Florida, that this kind of thing — really, this was the thought that hit my mind. First thought, you can ask Snerdley. I said this to him, ‘There is going to be hell to pay if people find out about it.’ He said, ‘Well, you better not mention it, because they will.’ It’s too late.

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