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RUSH: Burlington, Vermont we go. Steve. Nice to have you sir. Welcome to EIB network.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. I appreciate all you do out there for us.

RUSH: I do too. Thank you and I appreciate your comments.

CALLER: I am having a hard time understanding why there is not more solar being used in this country. It’s a viable option, even in Vermont, where we don’t have much sun, more cloudy days than sunny days by far. We can have a solar system for your hot water put on your roof and pay the person back money every month by utility savings.

RUSH: Been there, done that, pal. Not going to power your car.


RUSH: Not going to power your power plant. We don’t have the ability to harness it. Some day it could.

CALLER: But it’s going to power your bath, Rush. That is what we can do. Give you all of the hot water you want.

RUSH: What do you mean we? Are you in the solar power industry? You are conflicted.

CALLER: Not me.

RUSH: You said we. We caught ya! You’re not calling here as an innocent citizen asking an innocent question. You’ve called here to try to propagandize my audience.

CALLER: Its possible.

RUSH: (laughter)

CALLER: That’s not a bad thing either. It’s a good product. It really is.

RUSH: People think they can sneak things by the host on this program. They always end up getting caught.

CALLER: I figured your eagle eye would catch it. But really, solar heating is a viable option. Really does work.

RUSH: My first house I bought out in Sacramento, 1985, 86. Had these two solar panels on the roof and I said to the buyer, ‘What’s that? A skylight?’ He said, ‘No. It’s a solar panel and it’s going to reduce your electric bill.’ It didn’t mean diddlysquat. I tried it. I turned it off. I turned it on. Didn’t make any difference.

CALLER: That’s old technology, Rush. Old technology. What’s coming out is far superior. The cost of utilities where it is now, it’s it pays back right away.

RUSH: One of the biggest problems you people in the solar energy business have — I’m going to shoot you straight here.

CALLER: We’re hippies.

RUSH: The global warming crowd is going to shoot you down because the last thing they
want is you realizing that the sun is the primary factor in life, heat, warmth, and energy on the planet.

CALLER: There is a problem with that —

RUSH: They want people to think that human beings are the greatest impact, have the greatest impact on climate and so forth. They want to leave the sun out of it because if the people, I don’t know how people could miss it, but if a majority of people ever figure out that it is the sun that determines how hot and cold it is and whether in fact there is life. Even to some of the most serious depths of the ocean. If you get down very, very deep in the ocean, it is the heat from the Earth’s core that enables sea life. I’m talking, way, way down there. But without the sun, nothing exists. There is no life. There would be no life. Forget heat. There would be no energy. Now, clearly, we could advance ourselves quite a bit if we learned how to harness it better, and some day, perhaps we will. But the global warming crowd doesn’t want that focus. They want windmills. They want carbon credits. They want people thinking that they, individual Americans seeking a better life, by the way, have you noticed third world countries never get blamed for having any effect on the climate? The poor women and minorities. Couldn’t possibly. It’s only people trying to improve their standard of living that do climate damage? It’s such balderdash. Such religious fanatics, the global warming people.

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