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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, time for a new feature. This is based on a Bob Shrum book. I forget the title of the book. Bob Shrum is just ripping the Breck Girl, John Edwards, all across the board. Shrum ran Kerry’s presidential campaign. Shrum has never never run, he is a consultant. He has never run a victorious Democratic campaign, yet they all hire him. I don’t think anybody’s hired him this time around. The jig may be up. But he’s setting the table here and getting even for something. There are many things in the book. One of the things in the book is about Edwards. A lot of the things are about Edwards. How Kerry didn’t like him, thought he was lightweight and so forth. Yesterday, the Washington Post ran this story that said Shrum asked Edwards what his position was on gay rights, and he quotes Edwards as saying, ‘I’m not comfortable around those people.’ Which I guarantee you, if a Republican had said that and it was quoted in the Washington Post yesterday, he would be in rehab today. He would be getting his mind right somewhere. He would be shipped off to sensitivity training. This was in page A-9 or some such thing in the Washington Post. So we headlined this at RushLimbaugh.com with a parody picture of Edwards on a movie poster for Pirates of the Caribbean. The headline is, ‘Edwards Gets Booty, Says ‘Uncomfortable’ with Gays

He also, we’ve learned, Edwards has a 10 percent stake in $500 million in sunken treasure that the hedge fund he went to work for has found. He said he went to the hedge fund to learn about poverty. I think he learned something about it: avoid it. I think that’s what he learned. (laughter) Anyway, the whole Democrat Party is becoming a soap opera. There are books out there now about Hillary Clinton. Three of them. So we’ve got a soap opera going on.

(The Young and the Restless theme song playing )

The theme from the Young and the Restless, they tell me. I have never seen it. So I’m accepting that the broadcast engineers got this right. Is that the right song? It is. Thank you. Nadia’s theme, I think it is. Hang on here while I blow my nose. You won’t hear it. Just hang on.

(Young and the Restless theme song playing )

It does. I wear a cochlear implant; these strings and violins sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, makes it even better. Okay, that’s enough of it. Let’s get on with the update information. The
Democrat Party soap opera.

Washington Post, big story today. Top of the front page, they say they’ve been given copies of the new Hillary Clinton biographies by former post star Carl Bernstein and New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta. Now, these are media elite fixtures, these three guys. They’re not ideological enemies and the Post says they could be harder to dismiss because of this. Reporters Peter Baker and John Solomon write the Washington Post story. ‘The Hillary Clinton who emerges from the pages of the books comes across as a complicated, sometimes compromised figure who tolerated Bill Clinton’s brazen infidelity, pursued her policy and political goals with methodical drive, and occasionally skirted along the edge of the truth along the way.’ Skirted along the edge of the truth? She was afraid that Starr was going to indict her for perjury over her testimony about the Rose Law firm and Madison Guaranty billing records and all that. Of course, the Clinton spokesmen are out there saying exactly what I said they would, ‘This is old news. Just a bunch of people trying to earn money. This is old news.’ That’s why these books are coming out right now, by the way. By the time they get down to the campaign, by the end of the year, primary, start getting questions about this. ‘That’s old news. I’m not talking that. That’s old. Just people trying to make a buck.’ That is modus operandi number one of Clinton, Inc.

According to Bernstein, while in Arkansas, Clinton ‘personally interviewed one woman alleged to have had an affair with her husband, contemplated divorce and thought about running for governor out of anger at her husband’s indiscretions. ‘Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton,’ by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr., reports that during her husband’s 1992 campaign, a team she oversaw hired a private investigator to undermine Gennifer Flowers ‘until she is destroyed.’ Flowers had said publicly that she had an affair with Bill Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas.’ This is soap opera kind of stuff. I tell you, everybody has thought for the longest time that Mrs. Clinton acting surprised and shocked over Monica Lewinsky, there was no way. Blaming it on the right wing conspiracy? She knew about it all along. She had bouts of ambivalence about it. She got mad and wanted to get even with these women, plotted against them.

Here we go, paragraph 17 here, the revelations of what the details are of what I just mentioned show up when the reporters of the Post explore more of Bernstein’s book. ‘The women who also figured in Bill Clinton’s life in Arkansas make a return appearance in the book, most notably Marilyn Jo Jenkins…’ I have not heard of Marilyn Jo Jenkins. Have you heard of Marilyn Jo Jenkins? I didn’t know this either. ‘…a power company executive he fell in love with and almost left his wife over, according to Bernstein. Jenkins has been linked to Clinton before — she was spirited into the governor’s mansion at 5:15 a.m. for a final, furtive meeting with him the day he left for Washington to assume the presidency. … Bill Clinton wanted to divorce his wife to be with Jenkins in 1989, Bernstein reports, but Hillary Clinton refused. ‘There are worse things than infidelity,’ she told Betsey Wright, the governor’s chief of staff.’ Betsey Wright, she was head of the bimbo erruptions unit. There are worse things than infidelity.

‘The crisis frayed Wright’s relationship with Bill Clinton too, and she told Bernstein that she arranged for the two of them, Wright and Clinton, to see a therapist together. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, turned to her best friend, Diane Blair, obliquely raising the prospect of divorce during a long walk. ‘She was thinking that they had not made much money,’ Blair told Bernstein before her death in 2000, and she was concerned about her daughter. ‘Chelsea was there now. What if she were on her own? She didn’t own a house. She was concerned that if she were to become a single parent, how would she make it work in a way that would be good for Chelsea.’ The Clintons stayed together, but out of ‘anger and hurt’ she considered running for governor in 1990, when he presumably would step down to prepare his 1992 presidential campaign. The idea ended after consultant Dick Morris conducted two polls showing she had no independent identity with Arkansas voters and compared her to George Wallace’s wife, who ran to succeed him in Alabama — an analogy that offended her.’

It goes on to say how ‘Webster L. Hubbell and Vincent W. Foster Jr., were hired to interview women named in a lawsuit as having secret affairs with the governor. Hubbell and Foster questioned the women, then obtained signed statements that they never had sex with Bill Clinton. On one occasion, Bernstein reports, Hillary Clinton was present for the questioning.’ So the more we keep hearing what’s reported about the Democrats and Edwards and Shrum, and now this, the two books on Hillary, and believe me, they are timed perfectly to get them out of the way now. Most of the stuff in these books people have long suspected, and in some cases, known for quite a while.

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