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RUSH: President Clinton did the commencement speech at Middlebury College in Vermont on Sunday, and the story I have here is from the military college paper. Here’s the last paragraph of the story. ‘He pointed to the human genome project, an attempt to determine the entire genetic makeup of human beings, which has shown us that our genes are 99.9 percent the same.’ Then they quote the former president as saying this. (Doing Clinton impression) ‘I met (conservative talk-radio host) Rush Limbaugh the other night in New York. And I was tempted, after all the terrible things he’s said about me, to tell him that we’re 99.9 percent the same. I was afraid the poor man would run weeping from the restaurant. And so I let it go.’ (Laughing.)

He is damn right. If he’d come up to me and told me that he and I are 99.9% the same, I probably would have gotten out of there. (Laughing.) I’ve never seen somebody approach my table with such a huge smile on his face. Like hell he was thinking about talking about the human genome project to me. He was smiling bigger than — (Doing Clinton impression) ‘You’re looking good, tan and fit, you’re looking good, Limbaugh,’ is what he said. He came back a second time.

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