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RUSH: The New York Times is in today with another See, I Told You So for me. The editorial on the immigration bill: ‘Make a Bad Bill Better.’ They want to get rid of the $5,000 fine! ‘It’s just cruel. The $5,000 fine is cruel.’ Do I know these people or do I know them? ‘Those who want this bill to be better are horribly conflicted by it. Their emotions still seem vastly overmatched by the ferocity of the opposition from the restrictionist right, with talk radio lighting up over ‘amnesty,’ callers spitting out the words with all the hate they can pour into it.’ Restrictionists, nativists, the New York Times representative of the elites that I was telling you about last week.

Here’s a fascinating story. This is out of Mexico City. ‘One man jumped to his death from a moving railway car and a boy had his leg cut off by the train’s wheels today as Mexican agents staged a sweep of undocumented migrants who had hopped the freight train in southern Mexico. The train is on a route heavily traveled by Central Americans heading north across Mexico in a bid to reach the United States. Honduran migrant Luis Carlos Hernandez, 14, said he jumped from the train to avoid capture by law enforcement agents who had climbed aboard the convoy, but fell under the wheels and lost his right leg. ‘We were all on top of the train, when the police began chasing us,’ Hernandez said from his hospital bed in the Gulf coast port city of Veracruz. ‘A lot of us began to jump off the cars.’ An unidentified man jumped off the car but fell on the tracks, where the wheels of the train decapitated him, said Juan Luis Trujillo, a spokesman for the National Immigration Institute in Veracruz state.’

The Mexicans, you dare to venture in their country, and they’ll have trains run over you! They don’t care. They will do whatever it takes to get you out of the country. ‘Agents detained 133 migrants, all Central Americans…’ Do the Mexicans not care that these are future voters? Do the libs in Mexico have no interest in this? ‘Some of the detainees have already been sent back to their countries of origin, and others will be repatriated on Tuesday, Trujillo said.’ Like that, folks. Like that, they are gone. They are out of there.


RUSH: David in Concord, North Carolina, you’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, NASCAR dad dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Hey, great to have you out there, dad.

CALLER: Hey listen, the illegal immigrant penalty fine will be paid by me and you and it’s already built into the system. Three letters, E-I-C, earned income credit. Illegal immigrants — at least I’ve noticed — happen to have occasionally large families, and you start tacking on the earned income credit since they’re low income wage earners, you know, I haven’t heard a cost estimate on that yet.

RUSH: (Laughing.) You don’t need a cost estimate. Just grab your wallet.

CALLER: I tell ya.

RUSH: It’s going to be three times that. Every government cost estimate is worthless. What did they tell us that Medicare was going to cost? What did they tell us that any program in the Great Society was going to cost? It’s through the roof. You’re right, that $5,000 is not going to be paid by them. If it’s paid by anybody at all, it will be paid by us. But I mentioned at the top of the program, the New York Times today lead editorial: ‘Make a Bad Bill Better.’ I knew this $5,000 fine wasn’t going to work. ‘Oh, it’s too cruel. It’s taking food out of the mouths of starving babies.’ Here’s the New York Times. ‘The problems with the restrictionist provisions of the Senate immigration bill are serious and many. It includes a path to citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants, which is a rare triumph for common sense, but that path is strewn with cruel conditions, including a fine, $5,000.’ This is a caricature. The New York Times has become Mad magazine. The New York Times is literally a cliché. It’s a satire. To say that the path to citizenship for 12 million illegals is a rare triumph for common sense, and the path is strewn with cruel conditions including a $5,000 fine, ‘too steep and hurdles that are needlessly high, including a ‘touchback’ requirement for immigrants to make pilgrimages to their home countries…’ None of this is ever going to happen. Then they get in the obligatory hit on talk radio for ginning up all this uninformed and ignorant opposition to this.

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