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RUSH: The formulaic nature of the Drive-By Media is now firmly established. Way back when we had the soccer moms in the nineties, and that was a phenomenon created by TIME Magazine, cover story, some woman in St. Louis, basically the manifestation of the soccer mom was this. Here was a woman who was doing everything. She was getting the kids ready for school in the morning, and then she was picking them up after school and taking them to soccer practice, driving them around in a mini-van or an SUV, and she was not being thanked, taken for granted, taken advantage of, disrespected. The phenomenon was said to be such that the soccer moms were big Democrats because the moms had the impression that Bill Clinton cared more about the hardships in their lives than their own rotten husbands. Then the soccer mom phenomenon at the next election cycle gave way to the NASCAR dad. The Democrats are going out there trying to catch up with the NASCAR dad. We had some other iterations of the soccer mom. We had the security moms after 9/11 and so forth and this never ending quest by the Drive-By Media to promote the importance of women as a voting bloc. Because women, of course, do not act individually when it comes to politics, they all think alike, they all do the same, they all vote alike. That’s the impression that’s left.

Now, in the Times Online, Sunday Times in the UK, we got a new categorization of women now, and Hillary Clinton is seeking them out like a guided missile, ‘the single anxious female.’ The SAF. ‘Single Anxious Female has taken over from the soccer mom of the 1990s and the stockcar-racing Nascar dad of the Bush era as the influential new voting block that could deliver victory to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election.’ Do we ever get any stories on any voting bloc that could be beneficial to the Republicans? No, we don’t. ‘Many of the 18 to 44-year-old single women who watched Sex and the City, the television series, now want a woman in the White House. They are concerned about terrorism, angry about the Iraq war and worried about affordable health-care and education, according to the Clinton camp. ‘I think the better way to define them is SAFs,’ said Ann Lewis, a senior adviser to Clinton. ‘Single Anxious Females.” They’re worried about terrorism and they’re going to vote for Hillary? They want a woman in the White House. This is all made up. I’m sure this is all made up. This is something that Ann Lewis feeds to the Drive-By Media, the Drive-By Media picks it up, establishes the category and the existence of all of these women between 18 and 44 and then gives Mrs. Clinton an opportunity to go out and zero in on them.

‘Samantha Waterman, 41, a Clinton supporter and SAF from Los Angeles, believes the glamorous girlfriends in Sex and the City would be for Hillary. ‘I think they might be Hillary women. They’re waiting to start their lives because they haven’t met Mr Right yet or had a baby.” Well, so much for that old feminism thing! We had a TV series about a bunch of perpetually unhappy women, couldn’t find Mr. Right; their lives were focused — I don’t know if you ever watched this show; I did as a cultural survey project — they watch this show because these women are just perpetually trying to find Mr. Right. That’s their whole quest in life. They’re New York women. You would think that would be the last thing on their minds because if they were true feminists, that would be what they were trying to deemphasize in their lives. So they’re waiting to start their lives because they haven’t met Mr. Right yet, and they haven’t had a baby. ‘What they are searching for is security. They would admire Hillary because she is so strong and steady.’ Now, keep in mind that Samantha Waterman is talking about fictional characters on an HBO TV series and assuming they would all vote for Hillary which gives her comfort in voting for Hillary.

‘Most Single Anxious Females cannot afford the high-heeled Manolo Blahnik shoes that Carrie Bradshaw, the narrator of the TV series, loves to wear: they tend to be relatively poorly educated, move home frequently and earn less than $30,000 (£15,000) a year, according to New York magazine. But they are an increasingly visible and politically active group, which Clinton has high hopes of attracting. Single women represented 22.4% of the US electorate at the last election, up from 19% in 2000.’ Seems to me the last I read about this group is they don’t register to vote in large numbers. Have you ever noticed that the Democrats are always out there publicly registering people to vote, be it the MTV generation, young people or whatever, and they never seem to show up after they got them registered. ‘Barack Obama, the handsome Democratic senator for Illinois, is causing a flutter among the same group. Jennifer Aniston, the archetypal Hollywood Single White Female, turned up at a celebrity fundraiser for him in Los Angeles earlier this year. But Clinton is to hit back this Wednesday with a gathering to be attended by the film star Penelope Cruz, the ‘shagadelic’ Heather Graham, of Austin Powers fame, and Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives. … In 2004, only 59% of unmarried women voted, compared to 71% of married women.’

And, of course, we have the obligatory quotes from Naomi Wolf, who dressed Algore for his 2000 presidential run. ‘It sounds like this group of women is getting more and more engaged. Hillary’s machine is top-notch. But they will not automatically flock to Clinton,’ she cautioned. ‘I really admire her, but unfortunately her demeanor is very upscale. There is a class difference she needs to bridge.” So once again, women being marginalized, I wouldn’t say marginalized, demeaned, grouped into various sects here of mind-numbed robotism. What’s going to happen is that women between 18 and 44 who are single are going to read stories like this and say, ‘Yeah, I’m single, yes, I’m anxious, yes, I do want security, yes!’ and if they read all these other women in this age-group are voting for Hillary, ‘I think I will, too, if that’s the smart thing to do that’s what I will do.’ That’s a put down, very demeaning if you ask me.

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