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RUSH: ‘The Democratic presidential candidates want to raise your taxes. Most of them aren’t exactly advertising that fact when they talk about their plans for health care, the environment and education.’ This is ABC.com. ‘But for a party that has long feared political fallout when talking about taxes, the Democrats’ 2008 crop of presidential contenders is showing remarkable frankness in talking about the need for additional revenues to fund their priorities.’ We don’t need any additional revenue. Remarkable frankness. The Drive-Bys just love it when you start talking about raising taxes. It doesn’t matter the circumstances and it certainly doesn’t matter what the result will be. Yet, we’re going to raise taxes. Remarkable frankness. How can they be speaking with remarkable frankness if they aren’t exactly advertising the fact that they’re talking about raising taxes? Those two phrases appear in one paragraph.

‘Sen, Barack Obama, D-Ill., became the latest candidate to call for higher taxes Tuesday, when he unveiled his plan for universal health coverage.’ Look, I can do this much simpler. I can do this much more cogently, much quicker than reading a Drive-By Media story to you. When I go through it this way, you might think that it is an absurdity, but it is not. This is real, it’s straight from the playbook. This is real liberal thought. Obama has a plan for universal health care, and the plan is to roll back tax cuts for the rich. That’s it. The New York Times has a plan to fix the alternative minimum tax mess, and that’s roll back the tax cuts for the rich. Mrs. Clinton has a plan to fix income inequality, and that is to roll back tax cuts for the rich. Before long, I’m certain one of the liberals will come up with a plan to make us energy independent, and the plan to make us energy independent will be — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — to roll back the tax cuts for the rich.

They go down the tubes each and every time they talk about this. Clinton, in fact, you go back to 1992 during the campaign, promising everybody a middle class tax cut, and then within a week or two after he was inaugurated, he has this press conference, or this address from the oval orifice, and he said, (Clinton impression) ‘I’ve worked harder than I have worked on anything in my life. I have never, ever worked harder on anything. I can’t come up with a way to give you a middle class tax cut. In fact, I’m going to raise everybody’s taxes. I’m going to make ’em retroactive.’ (Laughing.) He did this after he was in the Oval Office. Mondull tried it in his acceptance speech, Democrat National Convention in San Francisco, he said, ‘President Reagan is going to do exactly what I’m going to do, the difference is, he won’t tell you, and I will. I’m going to raise your taxes.’ So long. He lost in a 49-state landslide.

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