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RUSH: I came in today. I look at the weather forecast every day. I don’t know why, because it hasn’t rained here in months, and the last time it rained here of any significance, we got flooded in the parking lot. We couldn’t get outta here ’til midnight that night. We had to walk down a flooded flight of stairs because still couldn’t drive our cars down. Yeah, that is the last time it rained. Have you noticed? We have a big lake here in Florida called Okeechobee and of course everybody the Drive-Bys down here and the water management resource people are panicked. ‘Oh, no! Lake Okeechobee is lower than it’s ever been, a record low! No, no!’ What they are not telling us is, remember last year during the hurricanes, or two years ago during the hurricanes? They drained four feet from the lake because they were afraid of flooding and vegetation. Water management down here is a trick, with all the canals and so forth, and they have to move it around when big storms come in. So anyway they’re finding all kinds of evidence. (Laughing.) They’re finding boats and bones and stuff down there at the bottom of the lake, but there’s another thing. See, I always tell you there’s good that happens in everything.

Since the lake has receded they’re able to go in there and clean out the muck that they’re otherwise not able to get to. They can get some of the junk outta there. It’s an opportunity. Anyway, I’m looking at the weather forecast, and I see that we got a 70% chance of boomers and rain starting tonight, maybe tomorrow, all the way through Sunday. I said, ‘Well, what’s this?’ So I came in here, and I have a collection of NOAA maps, satellite imagery. I said, ‘Look, what is that below Cuber?’ [JFK pronunciation of ‘Cuba’] I sent an e-mail to my buddy Roy Spencer, climatologist extraordinaire at the University of Alabama Huntsville.

He said, ‘Ah, don’t worry about it. It’s just like a lot of rain. The sea surface temperatures, not quite warm enough yet for formation.’

I went to the National Hurricane Center website. Lo and behold, they’ve got an advisory out. It’s not going to become a hurricane. It’s just going to become a big, powerful low.

So Roy wrote me back and said, ‘Look, I’ll flip you for it. We need rain here in Alabama.’

I said, ‘Well, we need it here in Florida, too. If we get the rain, I’ll buy you dinner.’

He said, ‘Okay, ditto, vice-versa.’

Then I got a note from him that said he is using all of his powers as a climatologist specialist to steer that storm to Alabama. (Laughing.) I’m only kidding. He wants it to go to Alabama. Everybody in the Southeast needs some rain. There’s also a report on Drudge about a Russian scientist who says that we can dump sulfur into the stratosphere to cause global cooling. Now, this is not a new idea. In fact, it has been done before. It has. It’s called Mt. Pinatubo, a volcano. The 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption put an estimated 20 million tons of sulfur into the stratosphere, which caused considerable cooling for a little over a year.

Now, I asked Roy about this. I said, ‘What is this about this Russian scientist and sulfur in the atmosphere?’

He said, ‘Yeah.’ He ran the calculations, and Dr. Spencer said that it would take one 747 cargo plane — no passengers, the whole thing is cargo — carrying 100 tons of sulfur every 30 minutes to do the same thing that Pinatubo did in one eruption.

It was just asked, ‘Can we encourage an eruption?’ Yes. If Mt. Pinatubo does it, then that’s fine. That’s nature doing it. If we were to load a bunch of 747s and start dumping sulfur in the stratosphere, the environmentalists would have a cow. They wouldn’t do it. But Mt. Pinatubo does. The point of this illustration, one 747 cargo plane carrying a hundred tons of sulfur every 30 minutes for a long period of time, to equal the eruption of Pinatubo, is we are nothing compared to nature, folks. I mean we’re part of nature, but the idea that we’re affecting all this stuff is once again absurd.


RUSH: This is Rebecca in Noblesville, Indiana. It’s nice to have you on the program. Is a Nobel- or Nobles-ville?

CALLER: Nobles-ville.

RUSH: Great. I saw Noble, and I know that I’m nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I thought it might be pronounced Nobels-ville. But for today it is, it’s Nobels-ville.

CALLER: Glad to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I was at the zoo yesterday with my kindergartener watching the dolphin show and I was in awe, actually moved by these wonderful creatures, until I got the sick feeling in my stomach when they started to talk about what we can do to preserve the World of Dolphin. So my question for you is, how long do you think it will be until they’ll be some great stigma against having more than 1.5 children in the world or in our society because of global warming to ‘save dolphins’ and everything else?

RUSH: Did somebody actually say that in talking about preserving the dolphins?

CALLER: No, no, no, no. But I see here and there, when the subject of global warming comes up, people talk about it at length.

RUSH: Yes, it’s humanity that’s causing it. We need fewer people. This all got started with Paul Ehrlich and his Population Bomb, which was a bomb of a book in the early seventies.

CALLER: Right, but it’s just kept going.

RUSH: I am. I’m going to tell you the truth here. When these people get going and revved up, you can’t rule anything out. The very fact that you conceive of such a question to me means that it is possible, because you are actively engaged in thinking, and you’re thinking down the road, . You hear what they say and you know that there’s more to that, and there’s more to come, and you know that China has already done this, for different reasons.

CALLER: Right, and they failed.

RUSH: And China is a bunch of communists. Look, that’s why I’m proud of you. That is an excellent question. It’s the kind of question most people would probably think, ‘Well, this lady’s off her rocker, asking this.’

CALLER: Well, you know —

RUSH: I’m not talking about tomorrow, but if these people aren’t checked and if they’re not stopped — and they have all this collectivism that they want to do and they’re blaming all these problems on our affluence; global warming is caused by our affluence — nothing is impossible or improbable with these people.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm. Well, it goes down deeply to what is the most important job to me, the thing I’ve always wanted to do, and that’s to be a mother. I lived in France for a few months a couple of years ago. I was walking down the street with three children, two in a stroller, and some high school kids were walking by, in French, they said, ‘That woman has too many children.’ You know, this is something I encounter a lot, and I know a lot of people with large families encounter it, you know? Stares, looks, sometimes rude comments.

RUSH: It’s the same thing. That’s because in France all that socialism over there, they’re talking about this. It’d be no different if you walked down the street smoking a cigarette.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: ‘Ugh, she’s smoking a cigarette!’ This stuff subtly weaves its tentacles into the fabric of society, and people get caught up in it. How many people walk into McDonald’s now, and hope nobody that they know sees them?

CALLER: (Giggle.)

RUSH: It spreads this way. Wait, you have three kids now?


RUSH: You have five. But when you’re in France you had three?

CALLER: Well, I had three with me.

RUSH: You had three with you.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: How old are your kids?

CALLER: They are seven, six, four, two, and almost one.

RUSH: Have you studied the length of their fingers?

CALLER: Um, they are probably relatively short. I don’t know. I’ve not studied them.

RUSH: Well, here’s what it says here. This is Reuters health story. The length of children’s fingers, finger length ‘may hint at their natural abilities in math and language.’

CALLER: Un-huh. Well, I’ve got those covered. I was a math major, and I speak French. Their father speaks French. He’s French.

RUSH: Wow. Well, you sound like you’re very educated and as we thought woman. So don’t let those zoo creeps at the dolphin show creep you out. But the question is valid. Also, go out and get the Planet Earth DVD series and watch the dolphins. You won’t worry about them.

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