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RUSH: Jeff in Indianapolis, you’re next as we go back to the phones. Hello.

CALLER: Great to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I have to share a story with you, and I know you as professor of the institute for conservative studies, I’m yet just a student. I had a conversation with my mother this past weekend which we used to get into some heated political debates, and I learned something about liberals this week, and I know you know them very well. But we progressed from subject to subject, went from the war to global warming to defending the war now that we’re actually there, and the two things that really stood out to me for the first time ever that I really find lacking in almost all liberals, would be logic and reason. They don’t have either one of those things on their side. It’s a belief that they have, and they’re sticking to it. There’s no room for debate.

RUSH: It’s a religion, and they don’t have to explain it. If you don’t get it, you’re the kook. They don’t have to justify what they believe to you. You have to justify what you believe to them. They’re having a superior — some of them do. Your mom, a lot of it is just governed by emotion. It’s what they feel and that governs their political point of view. But most liberals have a superiorist view of themselves, and there is no debate on anything. There is no other side. There is no alternative. You start talking about it and you’re just threatening their little cocoon in which their world view is housed.

CALLER: That is absolutely true and my mother pretty much closes up at that point and says, ‘Nope, that’s the end of the discussion.’

RUSH: That’s right. She can’t explain what she thinks because she doesn’t think. If you don’t understand how she feels, then you’re the insensitive boob. She doesn’t think she should have to explain it. She doesn’t have to justify. Liberals don’t think they have to explain it.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, I just appreciate all you do, and for those people who seem to think that we’re mind-numbed robots out there, we’re nothing like that.

RUSH: They know it. That’s why they’re so afraid of you. They know you’re not mind-numbed robots. They try to discredit you by saying that. They know. They know exactly what’s happening. In terms of this alternative media creating more informed, educated people in the arena of ideas, that’s what bugs ’em. That’s why the Fairness Doctrine. They want to shut it all down. Appreciate the call, Jeff.

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