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RUSH: Did you watch Sopranos last night? Something still doesn’t feel right about it. There’s one episode to go, and something still doesn’t feel right. I’m liking it. I’m enjoying it, but something still doesn’t feel right about it. The funniest… Well, some of you people may not have seen it yet. I don’t know if I should say anything about it. (interruption) No, not A.J. Actually, that character development of A. J. Soprano is pretty good. This is what happens when the National Honor Society gets hold of kids. That A. J. is the biggest — what would you say? — linguini-spined kid? The guy’s running around, ‘My family, my family, my family!’ Meanwhile, the whole family is about to be murdered. (sigh) Soprano sends in his crew to knock off the New York mob boss, and they get the wrong guy. They get this Ukrainian that looks like him and his girlfriend that had not done anything. Meanwhile, the New York mob boss is in hiding. Nobody knows where he is. Soprano is fleeing the scene. It was a bloodbath last night.

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