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RUSH: This terror plot. As I say, I found this on page 30 of the New York Times. They didn’t think it was a big deal at all. Here’s a report from CBS in New York: ‘Feds Say Terrorist Plot Poorly Planned — In the latest terrorist threat to New York City, the alleged terrorists are all middle-aged men, the oldest 63-year-old Guyanese immigrant Russell Defreitas.’ It’s not Russell. He calls himself ‘Mohammed.’ See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. One of these guys is a citizen. These are homegrown, and whether or not their plot made any sense and whether or not it worked — and it probably wouldn’t have worked. The problem with blowing up jet fuel or gasoline is, jet fuel is essentially kerosene, and it burns in a very narrow range of fuel and air mixtures. You just can’t throw a match on this stuff and have it go up. Now, underground pipelines are safe because air can’t get to them, and many of the pipelines that are underground that serve JFK are double barreled so to speak. The portions of the pipeline that are above ground will only burn at the point the pipeline is broken and fuel is spilling out, and if that were to happen, you know they’d shut off the valves or the pumps or both in order to keep the whole thing from going up. These guys knew this, by the way, because if you read the complaint — which I as host have done — in paragraph 48, page 27 to 28, these plotters discuss just the issue of the ignitibility of jet fuel. They know they’re dealing with double tanks or a tank within a tank, double barreled, and they know that two explosions will be necessary to ignite the fuel inside the inner tank because fuel needs oxygen to explode. They knew all this and they knew how difficult it was going to be.

Everybody’s downplaying this as, ‘Well, this wouldn’t have worked,’ and, ‘These guys are just a bunch of idiots.’ But that’s not the point of this. The point of this is, here we have the report. How many people now are going to be even more nervous than they are about flying? How much ratcheting up of security conditions and procedures is going to take place at all the airports now? How many more delays? How much earlier is everybody going to have to get to the airport? Just the real life aspects of something like this are very real life. The second thing is, they’re here. The timing of this couldn’t have been worse for the Democrat debate, and I wonder why the New York Times put it on page 30. Remember, George Bush can’t be right about anything. He just can’t. In fact, if you go to some of the Democrat websites out there, you’ll find that they think this whole thing is a hoax, that it was made up. They don’t believe it. They think that Bush did this to get rid of bad news about the fracture that’s occurring between him and the conservative base on illegal immigration and the bill that’s winding its way through the Senate now.

This is precisely why it’s important to have an adult in charge who understands the very real threat. Jack Murtha’s out there, and yeah, he admits we got homegrown terrorists here, but they’re only here because Bush went to Iraq. The literal sophistry of that! 9/11 happened before we went to Iraq and they were here and they were amongst us. With the borders as wide open as they are, they’re here now. Now, these may have been a bunch of amateurs and not been able to pull this off, but they were going to try. You can rest assured that there are others in this country now trying to do the same thing. The only intelligent way to approach this is to assume that is the case. Now, I was talking to somebody — I was flashing them on instant message this morning — and they said, ‘What do you bet…?’ because we gotta extradite these people. You have to have the extradition hearing, which has to take place in 60 days to get these suspects. They found three of them. There’s a big manhunt going on for the fourth. We have to have the hearing within a couple months to get them extradited, and somebody said, ‘What do you bet the ACLU files suit to fight the extradition of these suspects?’

I said, ‘I’m not sure about that. They might hope for a very liberal judge here and have these guys acquitted.’

But you know what I think when we ought to do? Send ’em to Gitmo! I think every one of these terrorists, period, ought to be sent to Gitmo.

I have an idea. We need to move Gitmo. We need to move it out of Cuber. [JFK pronunciation] We need to move it up to ANWR. It’s so beautiful up there. It’s pristine! We’re not going to be allowed to drill for oil up there. They have six-month days and six-month nights. Those things are to die for. I’m ready to start a new licensed merchandise business of Club ANWR to replace Club Gitmo. You can face Mecca for six months. You could pray 400 times in a day. What a great retreat for those who are tired and worn out from the daily rigors of jihad. At any rate, it’s a very serious thing, and most news agencies, particularly in New York, played it up and played it very seriously because this does represent an ongoing threat that is in this country, and the Drive-By Media; the New York Times; and the Democrat Party, like John Edwards, are out there, ‘Ah, there’s no war on terror! It’s just a bumper sticker slogan. Bush made it up to justify going into Iraq.’ Now their spin is, ‘Well, it’s only because we went to Iraq that the terrorists here are trying to blow up JFK, the fuel lines, half of Queens, and all this.’

But you watch the results of this. The transportation safety and security authorities are going to have to ratchet up security, and people aren’t going to fly. They’re going to sit home and say, ‘I’m not going to fly. I don’t want to mess with this,’ because people are going to know that this is something that is a very real possibility. When you have half the country… Look, 35% of Democrats, that’s not an insignificant number of people. They think that Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened. If they think that, then they also have to think that he allowed it to happen. If they think that he knew about it beforehand and allowed it to happen, then maybe they have to think that he’s behind it! And, of course, you have these kook conspiracy websites out there saying that this whole thing was an inside job. It’s scary stuff, which is why it is required that somebody, an adult, take all of this seriously and deal with it accordingly.

These Democrat candidates, I’m telling you, folks, do not inspire any kind of confidence whatsoever when it comes to national security or the war on terror. They’re trying to convince everybody that this is much ado about nothing, vastly overblown, or that it’s simply the result of the election of Bush and the fact that he’s in Iraq and took the country to war there, and once we get rid of Bush, the terrorists around the world are going to love us, not consider us a threat and so forth. The Democrats will fan out. Did Edwards say that he would run around the world and he would make restoring our image the number one priority? I’ll lay you ten to one somebody in this debate said this last night: ‘We have to repair the image that Bush is destroying the country,’ and included in that is talking to these terrorists. The Democrats think they can appease them because they’ve bought into the notion that the country is not hated; it’s just Bush that is hated around the world and once we get rid of Bush and the Democrats are in office, then there will be love and devotion and flowers popping up all over the world in celebration, and America will once again be loved. It’s ignorance like that, that will put us in great, great danger because of the inability to accept reality.


RUSH: Howard in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We own Allentown, by the way. We’re huge there. Howard, nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir.

CALLER: It’s an honor to talk to you. I wanted to make a point about how they’re saying that this terror plot at JFK wasn’t ‘very well thought out’ or planned out. You know, any terror plot can be just as significant if only one person loses their life, you know? That could be somebody’s spouse or daughter or brother or sister that gets killed. You know, it doesn’t… Just because it was stopped in the early stages that it didn’t kill 3,000 people, doesn’t make it any less significant.

RUSH: Exactly, exactly! That’s why the New York Times puts it on page 30. If you didn’t know that it had happened and the New York Times is your only source, the odds are you’re not going to know about it even now because you’re not going to get to page 30, because before you get to page 30 you’ll throw the front section away and go to the magazine and you’ll read the latest cool places, art galleries and so forth that you ought to be. Then you may even go there. You’ll miss it. That’s why the other Drive-By Media outlets call it ‘farfetched. It ‘didn’t have much of a chance at success.’ That’s missing the entire point, which you just mentioned. It’s not whether just one or 3,000 die. It’s that they are here, and it is that the Democrats have tried to dismantle virtually every program put in place to uncover these plots before they happen.

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