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RUSH: There’s a book out. I don’t even know the name of the book, but it’s a giant hit piece on Clarence Thomas, and this book has led to ancillary op-ed pieces being written, and it’s obvious that the Drive-Bys have put out a contract again on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and they’re getting a lot of takers on this contract, one of them a guy named Adam Cohen, ‘editorial observer’ at the New York Times. He uses this new book as a pretext for his shameful hit piece on Justice Thomas. Now, the book is called ‘Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul of Clarence Thomas.’ They talk about in the book how he’s so ‘conflicted,’ and he’s destroying… I know Clarence Thomas, and I’m telling you, he is not conflicted. He is not conflicted. He’s one of the happiest, robust individuals you would ever meet. He’s not conflicted about anything, particularly his work. He’s extremely proud of it. Now, this book. Cohen complains that the book ‘doesn’t explain why Justice Thomas regularly rules for the powerful over the weak and has a legal philosophy notable for its indifference to suffering.’

Well, that is because his job doesn’t require him to take into account ‘suffering.’ His job as a judge, as a Supreme Court justice, does not call him to take into account the powerful over the weak. You have this idiot, Adam Cohen, who blatantly tells us what the liberal view of the judiciary is. It’s to right the injustices, the social and economic injustices of society. It has nothing to do with the law. It’s merely an arm of liberalism. It’s an arm of big government, and it’s designed to do what liberals think is just and right and proper. Clarence Thomas knows, ‘I’m here to judge the constitutionality of law. I am here to adjudicate cases. It doesn’t matter to me if the powerful win or the weak win. Whoever is supposed to win according to the law is going to win, in my judgment,’ which is what his job is, and this guy, Adam Cohen, in this piece, does not even bother to explain Clarence Thomas’ legal arguments. He just paints him as openly supporting torture, which is another template of the left. At Abu Ghraib and Club Gitmo, we’re just a nation of torturers, and he ‘openly supports torture.’ He does not. What an outrageous thing to say. He says, ‘He can be counted on to reflexively oppose discrimination claims of minorities and women.’ There we go: women and minorities, hardest hit. It’s a liberal template.

‘[C]ounted on to reflexively oppose discrimination claims of…’? No! He opposes discrimination claims that are invalid, whoever brings them. He supports discrimination claims which are valid regardless who brings them. He says even this. ‘More vexing,’ to Adam Cohen, ‘is that Justice Thomas is beloved on the far right with friends like Rush Limbaugh.’ Oh, so Justice Thomas is now to be disqualified because of his friends who happen to be on the, quote, unquote, ‘far right.’ I’ll tell you, Mr. Cohen, we are far more in the mainstream than you pointy head intellectual, pseudointellectual elites who occupy the great Northeast of this country will ever hope to be. ‘Thomas, according to this observer,’ Adam Cohen, ‘appears poised in the next few weeks to achieve his long-standing goal, dismantling the integrationist vision of his predecessor Thurgood Marshall.’ There could be nothing further from the truth! There could be no such agenda in the mind of any of the so-called conservatives on the Supreme Court. Dismantle the integrationist…? I’ll tell you something, folks. Mr. Cohen, you and your ilk, if anybody in this country is destroying integration, it’s the civil rights coalitions in this country who are doing everything they can to separate us after having achieved integration.

It is people in the Senate pushing an immigration bill that’s going to Balkanize this country. Talk about dismantling the integrationist vision of their god Marshall. And then he whines that American ‘will be much less just if Justice Thomas’ life experience and moral truth start to shape the court’s agenda and the nation’s.’ Well, they don’t. His view of the law and the Constitution shape his agenda. He doesn’t have an agenda, and this is what the libs can’t get through their heads. It’s you people on the left that have the agenda. The conservatives on the court, that’s why we call them ‘originalists.’ They believe in interpreting it as it was written. They don’t believe it bends and shapes and ‘breathes’ to accommodate the latest liberal perversions of our culture and society, and that’s why they’re attacked. But to say that Justice Thomas’ ‘life experiences and moral truth’…? I’ll guarantee you his life experience has been far tougher than yours, Mr. Cohen. He knows far more about tough, hard breaks than you will ever know, Mr. Cohen. Let me give you an observation on this, because this frosted me. It is at times amusing, but sometimes very frustrating that these Drive-By, pseudointellectual thugs accepting these contract hit pieces let out by the media…

Who are these people, by the way? These are the people that leak classified secrets to America’s enemies. These are the people trying to destroy the United States victory in the war on terror and the war in Iraq. These are people who are doing everything they can to tear down the institutions and traditions that have made this country great. These are the people who have never met an abortion they didn’t love! These are the people who demonize as many political opponents as they can for the express purpose of destroying them. Robert Bork, any number of people that they’ve tried to take out — and for them to sit here in judgment over somebody’s soul, like Clarence Thomas’, and to clear Clarence Thomas’ moral truths? This country is in a battle for survival against liberalism, and these people dare to question the morality and the soul of somebody who is, as a person, as clean and pure as the wind-driven snow? The fact of the matter is that these little thugs, these pseudointellectuals that accept these contract hit pieces put out by the Drive-By Media wouldn’t recognize the truth if it smacked them in the face. As I said today, in the stellar morning update, you, Mr. Cohen, nor any of your buddies, are worthy. You are not worthy of either tying Justice Thomas’ shoes or shining them. You’re not even qualified to be his shoeshine boy! Nor are you qualified to tie the shoes or shine the shoes of his friends, either.

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