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RUSH: Michael in St. Petersburg, Florida, you’re next. It’s great to have you, sir.

CALLER: Well, you’re a national treasure in a lot of people’s books down here in Florida.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’ve been listening to you on WFLA. Ted Webb turned me on to you in the August of ’88.

RUSH: We own Tampa-St. Pete! WFLA is a fabulous affiliate, a fabulous station. We made that station but it’s still a good station.

CALLER: I know it. I was born and raised in St. Louis, and went to school and bummed around with Rip and Kid Hyland, sons of Bob.

RUSH: Is that right?


RUSH: Well!

CALLER: I know you’re a big fan of aviation, and you’re an excellent aficionado of the aviation community.

RUSH: Let me explain something. You’re getting a little inside here. Bob Hyland was the legendary general manager and vice president of KMOX in St. Louis when they had 48 and 50 shares. He’s since passed away. But it is his two children is who Michael was referring to. Now, what…? Of course I’m big on aviation.

CALLER: I loved your eulogy of Bob Hyland, too, and Jack Buck. The aviation community, why can’t we use more of those unmanned aerial vehicles in the Middle East to ferret out these bomb planters in the middle of the night, as they did one time on television on a national broadcast show, either NBC or CBS or ABC showed that they’re —

RUSH: Well, I think the answer to that is that there are people in the Pentagon who think that it’s not fair.

CALLER: Well, I’m sorry.

RUSH: Because it is Taliban and the Al-Qaeda guys don’t have their own. They’re just a little ragtag bunch of terrorists out there, and we gotta make sure we don’t offend the rest of the world here.

CALLER: Why do we have to fight Seventh Century terrorists with Seventh Century methods?

RUSH: You’re singing everybody’s song here. Why in the world didn’t we just go into Iraq and clean the place out? You know, we’re the United States of America — and there’s a reason for this. We don’t want to destroy the country, but we are also concerned about our image in the world and so forth. When that governs what you do, you may as well forget it.

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