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RUSH: Jo in Norfolk, Virginia, I’m glad you called. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hello there, Rush.

RUSH: Hello there. How are you?

CALLER: Fine. My whole point is, last week you were talking about choice, women have choice, and I have a very good friend who is a prostitute, and she’s gotten trapped, she’s gotten thrown in jail —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. (Laughing)

CALLER: Yeah, I know.

RUSH: No, wait a minute. I’m trying to remember the context here —

CALLER: It was about abortion.

RUSH: But wait. Are you sure it wasn’t a caller that called and was talking about this?

CALLER: Maybe. I’m not sure.

RUSH: Was it the last call of the day?


RUSH: Was it from a Republican woman who said she was liberal on some things, like pro-life and abortion she was liberal, but she was conservative on other things —

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

RUSH: — and she was urging Republican unity?


RUSH: Yeah, okay.


RUSH: And during that call —

CALLER: So you have a choice about abortion, right, but you don’t have a choice whether to use your body to sell it? As I was thinking about it, and it ran through my head so much, the Democrats give out money so that whores can have abortion, okay?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And a Democrat does not, does not want any low-class person to get rich, and if a girl can make it and make it good, she’s getting rich, so let’s throw her in jail, let’s trap here and throw her in jail.

RUSH: Well, yeah, but you see, this is the point that I’ve always made. When women or liberals say, ‘You can’t tell me what I can do with my body. You can’t have that kind of power.’ We do, you’re not allowed to be a prostitute. We have a law that you cannot be a prostitute, and there’s a number of other things you can’t do with your body, can’t use it to kill somebody, unless it is your own baby fetus.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So we do have these laws. So the whole argument that you can’t tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body, that’s absurd because we do.

CALLER: Exactly. So where is the choice? I’m not getting it.

RUSH: Well, I mean if they’re going to be a prostitute, don’t get caught. There’s plenty of places to go do this and — look, you really think this woman is being put out because she’s trying to get rich as a hooker?

CALLER: Well, damn, she brings home more than I do, and I’m working.

RUSH: Well, have you thought about going into that line of work?

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no, no. Ha-ha. No. Sorry. I’m what you call in love.

RUSH: No, no, no, I was not expressing a desire for any particular answer. I just was curious. So your basic point is women don’t have choice?

CALLER: No. I don’t feel that they do.

RUSH: Ah, women run the world. I don’t understand. Women run the world. Half of them just don’t know it, but they do.

CALLER: Well, sure.

RUSH: Right. Well, then you’ve got choice.

CALLER: No. No. Rush, no. We don’t.

RUSH: Come on, do you want to legalize prostitution? Is that what your point is?

CALLER: I think if those girls keep themselves clean and go to the doctor, let ’em do what makes them money. If a guy wants to buy it, if he can’t get it free, then he’s got the problem, not her.

RUSH: (Laughing) Oh geez.

CALLER: Then on the other hand, where the women rule the world, that’s only because men let them. It started back with Adam and Eve. If he stomped on her in the beginning, none of this would have happened. You know? I mean it’s just like global warming, for crying out loud. They’re getting it confused with evolution, you know? The whole political thing now has come down to stupidity.

RUSH: What do you think about anything else?

CALLER: Gee, I don’t — I could — man, I could talk with you for hours.

RUSH: Well, I’m enjoying this.

CALLER: It’s just pitiful though. It’s pitiful to tell somebody that they have a choice but they don’t.

RUSH: Well, look, there are limits on choices everywhere. There are laws. There are societal norms, there are —

CALLER: Well, yeah, well —

RUSH: There is conscience. I mean, nobody has limitless choices out there.

CALLER: Rush, every time you turn around they make a new law for something. I mean, we’re going to be so bogged down with our laws that there is going to be no freedom someday.

RUSH: Yes, that’s exactly why when Congress goes on recess it’s breathe-a-sigh-of-relief time.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, I know. (Laughing). And half them are — I mean, you got men up there who, I don’t care what anybody says, they are the biggest criminals in the world up there in Congress making the rules for us. That is crazy. Kennedy shoulda never got away with the (deedle) that he’s done in his past.

RUSH: Oh, gee, where’s the deedle button? All right, you’re losing control out there.


RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: I am. I am just losing it. But, you know what? At least when I talk to you, I keep in some focus.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: I listen to you —

RUSH: You do?

CALLER: Yes. I listen to you daily so that I can keep the little thoughts that creep into my head intact.

RUSH: (Laughing.) You’re focused now, is what you’re saying?


RUSH: Every time I get ready to conclude the call (making explosion sound) back at me — yes, what were you saying?

CALLER: I said, whenever I get them creeping in, I try to check back, oh, Rush said this, okay —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Get what creeping in?

CALLER: Those thoughts.

RUSH: Oh, thoughts, thoughts. Those are dangerous things for women.

CALLER: (Laughing.) Thanks.

RUSH: You should be very careful of that.


RUSH: All right. I’m going to take a break here a little earlier, ladies and gentlemen.

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